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Life with Parkinson's today - room for improvement

Life with Parkinson's today - room for improvement

We launched the results of the largest ever survey of people with Parkinson's and their carers in April 2008 in our report 'Life with Parkinson's today - room for improvement'.

The report contains the key findings relating to the following areas:

  • health are services from diagnosis onwards
  • information needs of people with Parkinson's
  • education of professionals
  • support for living day-to-day with Parkinson's
  • the impact of Parkinson's upon carers

Insight into life with Parkinson's

The survey, completed by more than 13,000 of our members, provides a significant insight into all aspects of life with Parkinson's. It has informed our work and development as the leading organisation for people with Parkinson's in the UK.

The report highlights inconsistencies in access to specialist care across the UK and shows that many carers are not receiving the information or support they need.

Agenda for change

The survey clearly defines the agenda for change for people with Parkinson's, their carers and families.

We call on health and social care providers to engage and work with us to address the gaps highlighted by their local residents.

We call on researchers to use the range of information that we have gathered to accelerate the pace at which we can find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Parkinson's.

And we call on everyone to support us as we drive forward progress and change on the issues highlighted by the thousands of people living with Parkinson's who took the time to complete our survey.

April 2008

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