UK Parkinson's Audit - Transforming Care

The UK Parkinson's Audit outlines the state of Parkinson's services, and highlights areas for improvement.

The 2017 Audit

Data collection for the 2017 audit closed on Monday 30 October.

What data was collected?

The audit was open to elderly care, neurology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy health professionals who provide care to people with Parkinson's.

The data items collected can be found in the Standards and Guidance document for each speciality:

People with Parkinson's who took part were also asked to complete a questionnaire. This ensures that their views of their Parkinson's service are also included in the audit.

What happens now?

The clinical data from professionals and the Patient Reported Experience Measure data is now being analysed. 

The following reports will be available:

March 2018

Individual Service Reports for each service that took part. These will benchmark their clinical and Patient Reported Experience Measure data against the UK-wide results for each speciality.

These reports will be sent out by email to the services, and will not be shared openly here. Services will then be able to review their results and start work on Action Plans in response (a template will be provided).

May 2018

UK-wide reports - a Summary Report containing the most significant findings, a Reference Report containing all results, and a Patient & Carer report (developed with a group of people with Parkinson’s).

All UK-wide reports will be available to download here once published.

UK Parkinson's Excellence Network priority areas for improvement

The 6 priority areas for improvement were identified through the 2015 Audit and Hospital Episode Statistics (2011-12 and 2012-13). The work of the Excellence Network is driven by these priorities.

The priorities are:

  • access to a full multi-disciplinary team
  • information available from diagnosis
  • optimal inpatient care and medicines management
  • standardising assessments
  • anticipatory/advanced care planning
  • infection and falls prevention, and bone health

Past audits

The priorities above were identified through the 2015 Audit and Hospital Episode Statistics (2011-12 and 2012-13). 

Find out more about our past audits
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