UK Parkinson's Audit - Transforming Care

The UK Parkinson's Audit is the recognised quality improvement tool for Parkinson's services. It allows measurement of practice against evidence-based standards and patient feedback in a continuous cycle of improvement.

Take part in 2021 service improvement initiatives and the 2022 UK Parkinson's Audit

UK-wide Bone Health Improvement initiative

During 2021 we are concentrating on the quality improvement side of the audit cycle.

If your elderly care or neurology service took part in the Audit, it's eligible to participate in a UK-wide initiative to improve bone health. You'll find information on the rationale for the initiative, details of how to get involved and associated funding, in this factsheet (PDF, 172KB).


2022 Audit

The next Audit will take place in 2022. Adding a year to the audit cycle will allow services to recover from the impact of COVID-19, and dedicate 2021 to service improvement.

The deadline for submitting service improvement plans has been extended to September 2021.

If you have any queries about the bone health project or the 2022 Audit, the Audit Team are on hand to support you. 

2019 UK Parkinson's Audit: the findings

See the 2019 Audit findings in the Audit reports and Areas for Improvement on this page.

Visual displays of 2019 Audit data by audit question, clinical speciality, and geographically by UK Parkinson's Excellence Network regions can be viewed in the UK Parkinson's Audit data dashboards.

Participating services are accessing their Individual Service Reports and working on action plans with support from the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network Service Improvement Team. 


UK Parkinson's Audit data dashboards

The UK Parkinson's Audit data dashboards provide a visual display of 2019 Audit data by audit question, clinical speciality, and geographically by UK Parkinson's Excellence Network regions.

Your Individual Service Report 

Your Audit results have been compiled into your Individual Service Report, including Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) findings for your service.

Use your online tool log-in to access and download your report and use it to:

  • see how your service shapes up against UK-wide results for your specialty
  • develop a Service Improvement Plan
  • benchmark and measure distance travelled against previous Audit data

Need help to access your Individual Service Report? Email [email protected].

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Slice title
2019 Audit areas for improvement

Item text

Parkinson's is a complex, chronic condition, and people with Parkinson's receive the best care in specialist Parkinson's or movement disorder clinics with access to a multidisciplinary team.

Statement 3 of the NICE Parkinson’s Disease quality standard states that adults with Parkinson's are referred to physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech and language therapy if they have problems with balance, motor function, activities of daily living, communication, swallowing or saliva.

The Audit highlights that the majority of services have access to these therapies, but that patients are not consistently being referred.

Item text

Non-motor symptoms recording in clinics continues to be poor.

  • blood pressure assessment was documented in just 67.0% of patients by neurology services
  • constipation was raised as a concern and/or asked about in only 43% of PREM respondents

Use of standardised guidance, assessments and outcome measures in occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy should be the norm. For example health professionals should use the:

All patients should be able to access the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LVST). Currently it is not available to 44% of audited patients.

Item text

Just 60.7% of patients feel they are given enough information at diagnosis.

Written information about Parkinson's is still not routinely available in 38% of outpatient clinics.

All clinics should offer information on:

Item text

When someone with Parkinson's doesn't get their medication at the time prescribed for them their symptoms can become significantly worse.

Fewer than 50% of those admitted to hospital always got their Parkinson's medication at the right time. Of those who did not always receive their medication on time, 41.0% said this had a negative or significantly negative effect.

Item text

To enable good quality care to be delivered we need to ensure that the workforce is well informed and supported. The Audit has highlighted that induction and support for all new therapists working with people with Parkinson’s should be a key improvement area going forwards.

Health professionals should be encouraged to access learning on Parkinson's throughout their careers. The Excellence Network Learning Hub provides access to a range of courses for all disciplines, and signposts to external learning opportunities.

Get involved in the 2022 UK Parkinson's Audit

If your service would be interested in taking part in the next UK Parkinson's Audit, read on for more information, including:

  • standards and guidance for participating services in 2019

  • key dates for the 2022 UK Parkinson's Audit
  • findings from past Audits

Your service can express interest in the 2022 Audit now by emailing [email protected].

How does the Audit work?

The UK Parkinson's Audit is carried out biannually by the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network. 

The Audit assesses care provided to people with Parkinson's by a range of clinical specialities against evidence-based guidelines. These standards and guidance documents contain the Audit questions, the standards being audited and the Audit background and methodology for each type of service.

People with Parkinson's who took part are also asked to complete a Patient Reported Experience Measure questionnaire to ensure that their views of their Parkinson's service are included in the Audit.

Registrations for the next Audit will open in February 2022, with data collection running from May to September 2022. 

2019 UK Parkinson's Audit - at a glance

This short video presented by Audit Lead Dr Anne Louise Cunnington, and accompanying poster, will give you a quick overview of the findings of the 2019 UK Parkinson's Audit.

Past Audits

The UK Parkinson's Audit cycle reveals results every 2 years. See the findings from past Audits.

"A national audit is the only process by which people with Parkinson's can get the uniform and standardised care that is so essential. The audit process initiated and championed by Parkinson's UK ensures a process of national benchmarking, which includes a focus on key outcome measures - motor, non-motor and multidisciplinary - to ensure that the NHS continues to deliver quality care, with personalised medicine for all people with Parkinson's across all age groups."

- Ray Chaudhuri

South London Excellence Network lead, Consultant Neurologist and Professor in Neurology/Movement Disorders at Kings College and Institute of Psychiatry.