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Read all our latest news about Parkinson's research.

Stem cell image

Natural molecule with promise for Parkinson's discovered

A natural molecule called squalamine may hold the key to preventing Lewy bodies forming in Parkinson's, according to groundbreaking new research.

A Parkinson's research scientist at work

Parkinson's research in 2016

A round-up of 2016's exciting developments in Parkinson's research - and how you can get involved in 2017.

Andrew Blith and Ann Donovan in a brain imaging centre

Deep-brain ultrasound therapy used to treat tremor

A research team at Imperial College are testing the use of high-intensity, focused ultrasound waves for the first time in the UK to treat tremor.

Scientist holding test tubes

Making Parkinson's drugs work better for longer

Interim results from an early-stage clinical trial of a new gene therapy treatment for Parkinson's suggest it could help people with the condition respond better to medication.


New diabetes drug shows promise for Parkinson's

A new diabetes drug may have the potential to protect brain cells in Parkinson's, slowing down or stopping the condition's progress, according to research published today.

Arthur Roach taking part in a research study

Healthy males needed for Oxford research study

Parkinson's UK is looking for healthy men in the Oxfordshire area to take part in the Discovery research study, which is funded by the charity.

Bacteria under a microscope

Could gut bacteria hold the key to Parkinson's treatments?

Gut microbes could play a critical role in the development of Parkinson's, according to groundbreaking new research published on Thursday 1 December.

Blue and black image of a brain

A brain scan that could diagnose Parkinson's

Research funded by Parkinson's UK has found MRIs, a type of brain scan, to be 'highly accurate' at identifying mild to moderate Parkinson's.

Lab apparatus

Further evidence that Parkinson's starts in the gut

An abnormal protein normally found in brain cells affected in Parkinson's can move from the gut to the brain, according to new research.

Trail of TIGAR - Picturing Parkinson's winner 2016

Picturing Parkinson's winner announced

2016's Picturing Parkinson's winner has been announced. Our annual image competition sees scientists submit images that celebrate the art of research.


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