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Read all our latest news about Parkinson's research.

Two brain cells

Study highlights the role of the immune system in Parkinson's

New research, reported in the scientific journal Nature, suggests that the immune system plays an important role in the progression of Parkinson's.

Milk being poured into a Parkinson's UK mug

Low fat dairy products linked to Parkinson's

Higher consumption of low fat dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese and yoghurt is linked to a modest increase in risk of Parkinson’s, according to new research.

Imagery from a brain scan

New method could lead to deep brain stimulation without surgery

Scientists have developed a new technique that shows promise as a non-invasive approach to deep brain stimulation.

Researchers in the lab and taking notes

GDNF trial complete and results are on the way

The groundbreaking clinical trial of GDNF, a potential treatment for Parkinson's, is now complete. Analysis of the results is now well underway and is expected to be published in the summer.

Multicoloured pills image from iStockphoto

Repurposing drugs to slow dementia

New research shows promise for repurposed drugs that slow dementia.

The Network by Hugo Fernandes

Reprogramming brain cells to reverse Parkinson’s

New research published in Nature Biotechnology shows that it may be possible to reprogramme cells inside the brain to reverse the symptoms of Parkinson's.

Blood samples in the lab

Hepatitis infection linked to Parkinson’s risk

Research suggests there may be a link between hepatitis infection and an increased risk of developing Parkinson's.

David Dexter in lab

Welcome to our new Deputy Director of Research

We’re excited to announce that Professor David Dexter has joined us as our new Deputy Director of Research.


Virtual company to create new Parkinson’s treatments

Parkinson's UK and the University of Sheffield have launched a new £1million virtual biotech company, Keapstone Therapeutics, to combine world-leading research from the University with funding and expertise from the charity to develop new treatments.

Phase II clinical trial for cancer drug announced

Phase II clinical trial of cancer drug announced

US researchers have announced the launch of a Phase II clinical trial of the cancer drug nilotinib in people with Parkinson’s.