A lady with Parkinson's

Do I have Parkinson's?

Everyone's Parkinson's is different.
If you're worried you may have Parkinson's, it's crucial that you speak to a health professional.

Parkinson's symptoms

There are 3 main symptoms of Parkinson's. But not everyone will experience all of them.

What is Parkinson's?

Parkinson's is a brain condition that gets worse over time. It happens when there is a lack of dopamine in the brain.

More about Parkinson's
Reviewing information
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Getting diagnosed with Parkinson's

You may want to know about what the next steps are if you think you have Parkinson's.

See how Parkinson's is diagnosed

If you think you have Parkinson's, please speak to your GP

Your GP will refer you to a Parkinson's specialist doctor who will be able to do some simple tests to find out if you have Parkinson's.

See the questions to ask your GP
A specialist talking to someone with Parkinson's

Worried you have Parkinson's?

"When you're not sure what's wrong, you go through every possible scenario."

In this video, hear from Diane about the things she worried about before she got her Parkinson's diagnosis.

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