What we think

We take every opportunity to influence public policy to benefit people with Parkinson's. See our policy statements and get involved in our Policy Panel.

Benefits reform, the way care is funded, prescription charges and stem cell research are just a few of the ways in which public policy has a major impact on people with Parkinson's.

Policy work in action

Improving policies towards the care, treatment and welfare of people with Parkinson's means working in a number of ways:

  • meeting with Ministers, politicians and civil servants to raise key issues and influence policy appropriately, read more about our work in the UK Parliaments and Assemblies
  • responding to relevant government consultations
  • organising events in the UK Parliaments and Assemblies and during the party conference season to raise awareness and build support
  • working with professional associations and decision makers in the NHS and social care to press for better standards of care
  • forming alliances with other organisations to push for change
  • commissioning research to build the evidence base and help influence policy direction

Current Parkinson's UK policy work

Read our policy statements below to see what we believe about major public policy issues.

We need to be clear about what our opinion is on these issues, as unless we have a clear policy, we can't begin to campaign for change.

Our policy statements are developed on the basis of discussions with people with Parkinson's and their carers. We also talk to health and social care professionals and other experts.

This all forms an important part of the process for developing our policy statements.

Our policy panel

Our Policy Panel is a group of over 20 people with experience of Parkinson's. They meet twice a year to help us form our official positions on public policy matters.

Elaine Evans, one of our Policy Panel members, explains the panel's role:

"At Policy Panel we discuss the key health, research and welfare issues that impact people affected by Parkinson's.

"As Panel members we also have the opportunity to attend Party conferences in the autumn.

"All Panel members either have Parkinson's or have experience as a carer for someone with the condition. This ensures that the charity's policy is always centred on people who have 'lived' Parkinson's."

We want to make sure that the Policy Panel continues to reflect the experiences of people from across the UK and from underrepresented groups.

We're currently keen to hear from anyone in the areas below, even if you are not able to travel to meetings:

  • North of England
  • Northern Ireland

For more information, contact Laura Mullaney, on 020 7932 1323 or email [email protected]org.uk

We're always interested to hear your opinion if you feel there's a policy area that needs our attention.

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"I'm not on my own any more. I've got people who understand, I've got people who care. I can do this."

The thoughts, feelings and priorities of people with Parkinson's inform everything we do.

Watch our video to find out more.