Our strategy

The strategy for 2015-2019 sets out how we - and the whole Parkinson's community - are bringing forward the day when no one fears Parkinson's.

Our strategy is based on what people with Parkinson's, their families and carers told us would make the biggest difference to their lives.

Our aims include:

Better treatments and a cure - faster

We need to cut the red tape that's slowing progress, make sure breakthroughs are being shared, and think more creatively to open up new avenues of exploration.

What will be different by 2020?

  • There'll be new and better Parkinson's drugs and treatments being developed, and they'll get to people faster.
  • Everyone with Parkinson's will have the opportunity to play an active part in research.
  • Parkinson's UK will be an international leader in research, driving progress.
  • At least 2 new promising treatments for Parkinson's will be being tested in UK clinical trials.

Empowerment to take control

Living with Parkinson's can be challenging, and people have told us that they want to feel more in control of their lives.

What will be different by 2020?

  • Everyone affected by Parkinson's will feel more able to take control of their lives and the condition.
  • Society will be much more 'Parkinson's friendly', understanding and meeting the needs of everyone living with the condition.
  • Our support and information will equip people to live an active and fulfilling life from diagnosis.
  • A robust, independently-developed scale will measure whether the Parkinson's community is feeling more in control over time.

Quality services as standard

The right care at the right time is vital, but access to high quality and consistent services varies greatly across the UK.

What will be different by 2020?

  • High quality services will be available to everyone with Parkinson's in the UK, at every stage of the condition.
  • Through the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network, all professionals involved in Parkinson's care will share best practice and access the right tools and training.
  • Parkinson's professionals will enable people to take control, live life to the full and have their say.
  • The UK Parkinson's Audit will have identified where improvements are needed and big steps will have been taken to make them.

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Transforming the future

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In 2014, to help us form our strategy, we talked to people affected by Parkinson's, researchers, healthcare professionals and guests at a special Downing Street event.

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