Our strategy

Guided by the Parkinson’s community, we’ve shaped our strategy for 2020-2024.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve made a real impact. But we won’t rest until we’ve found a cure and improved life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s.

Our strategy is more ambitious than ever, building on previous successes. People affected by Parkinson's are at the centre of everything we do. That's the 'P' in the middle of the diagram below – people. Developing the strategy was a joint effort, with input from over 600 people affected by Parkinson’s. We’ve also analysed our services and research. We reached out to health professionals, donors and many more.

Transforming Parkinson's - together

Our new strategy focuses on the areas that matter the most to people with Parkinson's:

  • Accelerating breakthroughs in research
  • Better support, every day
  • Getting Parkinson’s understood

We are focusing on the 3 areas that matter most to people with Parkinson's:

  • Accelerating breakthroughs in research
  • Better support, every day
  • Getting Parkinson’s understood

Working together over the next 5 years, we want to have the biggest impact on improving the lives of people with Parkinson's. Together we'll find a cure.

Accelerating breakthroughs in research

New treatments for people with Parkinson’s can’t come fast enough. That’s why we’re taking a radical new approach to research. It’s speedier, more agile, and means we only invest in the best ideas.

Our pioneering Virtual Biotech lets us identify the most promising treatments and accelerate them through development and early clinical trials. We partner with leading researchers and innovators worldwide to get results, faster. 

By the end of 2024, we’ll have ramped up investment in research priorities and the brightest scientific minds. They’ll kickstart the process with great discoveries, and our Virtual Biotech will fast track the best ideas into real drugs on the market. 

From shaping the design of clinical trials to directly funding the Virtual Biotech portfolio, the Parkinson's community will be involved at every step. Together we'll make sure that every breakthrough makes the biggest possible difference to people's lives.

Better support, every day

Parkinson’s changes lives. From the day of diagnosis, people with Parkinson’s and their loved ones need to know we’re by their side. 

By the end of 2024 Parkinson’s UK will provide personalised information, services and opportunities, to many more people affected by the condition. 

They’ll be able to draw on invaluable support from their peers, and learn more about how exercise and other proven approaches can help them manage their Parkinson’s.

The strengthened UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network will enable the NHS to significantly improve the expert care and support on offer, enabling people with Parkinson’s to live their best life possible.

At every stage of the condition, people affected by Parkinson’s know we’ll be there. Helping to give more good hours and more good days.

Getting Parkinson's understood

On the street, on the train, in shops, restaurants and parks, we meet people with Parkinson’s. But we might not know it.

People don’t understand Parkinson’s. This makes living with the condition harder, whether it’s being mistaken for being drunk, or having to fight for fair benefits. People affected can feel like the system is against them, or fear being judged when they go out in public.

We’re building understanding of Parkinson’s every day. Challenging myths about who gets it. Educating people about its 40-plus symptoms and their distressing impacts. Revealing the hidden side effects of medication. 

By the end of 2024, many more people will understand what Parkinson’s is, care about those affected, and be inspired to take action. The condition will be part of the public conversation and on the agenda for politicians and policymakers. 

And people with Parkinson’s will feel understood. They’ll be more confident about going out with their condition, knowing they will be treated well.

Taking on the challenge

Gary Shaughnessy, chair of the Board of Trustees said:

"It's inspiring to see what’s been achieved over the past 5 years. And looking ahead to 2024, we’ve set ourselves even more ambitious goals. 

"Change on this scale won’t be easy. But I’ve travelled around meeting the people driving our movement. I know the commitment and tenacity of the Parkinson’s community. I'm ready to work with you, listen to you, step up our efforts, and take on the challenge together."

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