Resources and support for researchers

As the UK's largest Parkinson's charity, there are many ways we can support your research. And you don't need a Parkinson's UK grant to qualify.

  • The Parkinson's UK Brain Bank provides tissue to researchers in the UK and around the world who are working towards a cure for Parkinson's.

    Find out more about the Parkinson's UK Brain Bank and make a request.

Currently there are 2 Parkinson's UK funded cohorts:

  • Tracking Parkinson's, or the PRoBaND study, is a UK-based multi-centre prospective longitudinal study, informed by epidemiological and biomarker data. The study aims to define and explain these variations by analysing the clinical expression of Parkinson's in relation to genotypic variation. The cohort consists of 2,270 Parkinson’s participants and 344 siblings.
    Data/bio-samples: Patient level data along with blood samples are available.
  • The OPDC Discovery cohort is a prospective, longitudinal study that has recruited 1,087 patients with early idiopathic Parkinson's, 300 healthy controls and 111 participants at risk of PD. The study also includes 151 participants with REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder.
    Data/bio-samples: Patient level and CSF biomarker data, along with MRI brain imaging data are available. Blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples are also available. 

The Parkinson's Excellence Network provides Parkinson's specific resources and learning opportunities for those working or interested in health and social care.

Find out more about the Excellence Network or sign up to the Excellence Network e-newsletter to get the latest news, training, resources and events for professionals.

Further information about our support

Please note that researchers seeking participants are not permitted to approach local groups or post on the discussion forum without prior approval from the Parkinson's UK research team.

Research Support Policy (PDF, 1.72MB)