Parkinson's UK in Parliament

We work to make sure that policy and decision-makers across the UK understand the issues affecting people with Parkinson's and their carers. 

We work with MPs and members of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament in Westminster, as well as members of the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments and the Northern Ireland Assembly on a cross-party basis, to make sure that the voices of people with Parkinson’s are heard across all levels of government.

We also provide administrative support, known as the ‘secretariat’, to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Parkinson's. 

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to know more about our work in Parliament. 

What is the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Parkinson's? 

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Parkinson's is a cross-party group of MPs and peers with an interest in Parkinson's. Any member of any party across both Houses of Parliament can join. 

The group aims to raise awareness of the condition among parliamentarians and to influence legislation and policy makers to improve the lives of people affected by Parkinson's.

Parkinson's UK provides administration support (known as the secretariat) to the APPG.

The Group's remit

The APPG's remit includes:

  • keeping Parkinson's on the political agenda
  • investigating, monitoring and reporting on issues and providing a forum for discussion
  • exploring particular issues affecting the Parkinson's community in depth to both highlight them and seek solutions through APPG inquiries 
  • exerting collective pressure with the ultimate goal of ensuring equal access to recommended appropriate health and social services to all people with Parkinson's and their carers
  • providing regular briefings to members of the Group and other parliamentarians in order to ensure awareness of the needs of people with Parkinson's and their carers.

How can I join the APPG for Parkinson's?

If you are a parliamentarian and would like to join the APPG, please email [email protected].

The APPG for Parkinson's is listed on the official register of All-Party Parliamentary Groups.

More about the APPG

This information will be updated soon. 

Mary Glindon (Labour), chair

Mary joined the group after her friend in the local Parkinson's group in her constituency of North Tyneside asked her to get involved. She has tabled numerous parliamentary questions to help advance the needs of people with Parkinson's and has used her column in a local paper to raise awareness of the condition.

Baroness Browning (Conservative), vice chair

Baroness Browning joined the House of Lords in July 2010 and became vice chair of the APPG on Parkinson's in February 2023. Before joining the House of Lords, Baroness Browning was an MP for Tiverton and held several government positions. She takes an interest in issues around autism and dementia. 

Sheryll Murray MP (Conservative), vice chair

On joining the APPG, Sheryll swiftly and successfully stood as vice chair of the Group. Sheryll brings particular insight, having previously worked in an NHS surgery in what is now her constituency of South East Cornwall.

Rachael Maskell MP (Labour), vice chair

Becoming an officer for the APPG on Parkinson's in February 2022, Rachael Maskell is MP for York Central. Rachael has tabled parliamentary questions in support of the Parkinson's community and has advocated for the rights of disabled people in Parliament, using her expertise as a former physiotherapist.

Jason McCartney MP (Conservative), vice chair

Jason McCartney MP became vice chair of the APPG in February 2022 and has represented Colne Valley since 2010. Jason has previously held the vice chair position and takes a strong interest in health and social care issues in Parliament. 

Christina Rees MP (Labour), secretary

Christina Rees MP has represented the Neath constituency since 2005 and became the APPG's secretary in February 2022. Christina has had a long-standing interest in the issues facing the Parkinson's community and has supported World Parkinson's Day in the past.

Peter Dowd MP (Labour), treasurer

Peter Dowd MP has represented the Bootle constituency since 2015 and became the APPG's treasurer in February 2023. Peter has an interest in human rights, justice, welfare and work issues. In Parliament, he has raised concerns about the government's cost of living support for people with Parkinson's. 

In 2018, the APPG launched a groundbreaking report (PDF, 4MB) looking at mental health support for people with Parkinson's who experience anxiety or depression.

The report exposed many challenges people with Parkinson's face in receiving high quality, timely treatment that meets their needs.

The report made several recommendations to the government and other relevant authorities that could improve mental health services and make it easier for people with Parkinson's to access them.

For more information, please see our mental health matters too campaign page.

Members of the group also regularly table parliamentary questions and speak in debates in support of people with Parkinson's and carers.

Previous inquiries

In 2013, the APPG held an inquiry into NHS continuing healthcare (PDF, 3MB) in England and revealed huge failings with the system.

Another inquiry into access to health and social care for Parkinson's found major inequalities in access to information and services for people affected by the condition.

Tell your MP about your experience with Parkinson's

If you want to lobby your MP on Parkinson's-related issues or encourage them to join the All Party Parliamentary Group on Parkinson's, you can write to them at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA or use the Find Your MP online tool to find their name and email address. 

For advice from us on contacting your MP and sharing your story, email [email protected].