Work, money, driving and legal rights when you have Parkinson's

If you have Parkinson's, or care for someone who does, you may be worried about work, money, continuing to drive and your rights.

Legal rights and support 

When you, or a loved one, has Parkinson’s, you may find certain aspects of your daily life more challenging than before, such as working your usual hours of employment. That's why it's important to know your legal rights and the different types of support that are available to you.

There are rights and laws in place to make sure that when you're living with Parkinson's, you aren't discriminated against because of your condition. These cover various areas of life, including work and your options when planning for the future.

You might also be entitled to receive certain benefits and other forms of financial support. These can help you to cover any extra costs you may be facing because of your Parkinson's, or through caring for someone who has the condition.

Below, you can find out more about your rights, what you're entitled to.

Insurance and Parkinson's

If you have Parkinson's, it can be difficult to find insurance that's right for you. We've partnered with some specialist insurance brokers who may be able to help people with long-term health conditions like Parkinson's.

Finding support in your local area about your rights

Advicelocal can help you find information and local support on things like work, money, benefits and housing. 

All you do is enter your postcode and a topic and it will tell you what support is available in your area.