Cost of living campaign

We’re campaigning to make sure people with Parkinson’s are able to live well during the cost of living crisis.

We have heard that people with Parkinson’s are struggling to cope with the increased prices of energy, food and transport and it is making their symptoms worse.

Many in the community have already told the government that the cost of living support package is nowhere near enough for people with Parkinson's. 

The cost of living payments only went to people who got certain benefits. But the benefit system doesn’t work as it should for people with Parkinson’s. This means many people with Parkinson’s lost out on the cost of living payments.

And, even where a person with Parkinson’s did get all the payments available, they were almost all wiped out by the cost of heating alone.

Jan’s story

"I am 67 and my husband, now my carer too, is 76.

"We live on pensions from the state and our old employment. We are struggling to make ends meet each month. We live on a strict budget week by week and, as we hit the colder weather, we are dreading trying to stay warm without finding ourselves choosing between heating and eating.

"These impact on our food needs, our heating needs, our need for help on a daily basis. My husband is shattered by the end of the day. He never complains but he is too old to cope like this much longer. I hope people with power might listen to these stories. I sometimes think the elderly disabled are seen as a parasite and treated in a way which hurries death not, offers quality of life."

Download our Nowhere Near Enough report (PDF, 3.79MB)

Read our Nowhere Near Enough report to understand why we're calling for the government to boost cost of living support for people with Parkinson's.

Our survey into the cost of living with Parkinson's shows that the government's help is nowhere near enough.

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