Relationships and family life

Parkinson's can affect your relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues. There are things you can do to adapt to these changes and fit them into your life.

Talking to children and teenagers about Parkinson's

Children and teenagers may have a lot of questions about Parkinson's. Get advice on how to talk to them about your Parkinson's and answers to their questions.

Talking to other people about Parkinson's

From breaking the news of your diagnosis to your family, to explaining your symptoms to a stranger, you can plan for conversations that may make you feel nervous or vulnerable.

Talking about life ahead with Parkinson's

You may be thinking about the best way to talk to a loved one about the impact of Parkinson's on everyday life or planning for the future.

Moving closer to family

"There was a little bit of readjustment required. I was really down for a couple of days until I went to see the children and I got an emotional boost. It was wonderful."

In this video, Kris talks about moving closer to his family.