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We’ve been investigating the role of chronic brain inflammation in Parkinson's. We need your support today to take this groundbreaking research to the next stage.

We all want to see promising new treatments. That’s why Parkinson’s UK launched the Virtual Biotech 5 years ago. Dr Richard Morphy is one of the Drug Discovery Managers at Parkinson’s UK and is leading an inflammation research project.

Dr Morphy believes it could take us a step closer to the breakthrough we've all been waiting for. We need your help to try to get us there. 


Will you help us take the next step towards a future treatment that could slow or stop Parkinson’s by donating today?

100% of your gift will take us closer to a better understanding of how to reduce inflammation in Parkinson’s.


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What is inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection or injuries. It’s not usually harmful or unexpected. However, there is strong evidence that brain cells are damaged when there is chronic inflammation in the brain. This includes cells that produce dopamine (the cells that are lost over time in Parkinson's).

How can we reduce inflammation in Parkinson’s?

We’ve discovered a group of molecules that we think could help reduce inflammation. By targeting and weakening specific proteins on the surface of micrologia (the brain's immune system cells), we can help protect dopamine-producing brain cells.

We now need to test a large number of molecules from the group to know if they will target the protein effectively. 

Watch the video below to understand more about inflammation and its role in Parkinson’s.

Pioneering treatments through the Virtual Biotech

This inflammation project is an exciting example of how we are driving forward potential new treatments through the Virtual Biotech.

Here's how your gift could take us a step closer to a new treatment that could slow or stop Parkinson’s:

  • We’ll first test compounds that contain the promising molecules identified in human cells grown in the lab.
  • Next, we’ll discover how they interact with microglia.
  • We’ll then look at how good they are at reducing inflammation.
  • By the end of this project, we aim to have a molecule that can reduce inflammation in the brain.
  • We would then take it forward into further testing. Eventually, we’d hope to develop a drug that can be tested in clinical trials.


Will you give a gift today? You could help turn the most promising molecule into a drug that’s tested in clinical trials. Our hope is by the end of this project, we’ll have a molecule that successfully reduces inflammation seen in Parkinson’s.


“The more funding we get, the faster we can move and improve our chance of finding that breakthrough.”
Dr Richard Morphy, Drug Discovery Manager, Parkinson’s UK