Current volunteer resources

We want to support you to get the most out of your volunteering. Your volunteer induction, access to Assemble, and other policies and resources can all be found here. 

To minimise the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) all in-person volunteering is on pause.

We’ll keep this situation under review, and once things change you’ll find all the information you need on our volunteer portal, Assemble or by getting  in touch with your staff contact. They’ll be able to guide you through resources co-designed by volunteers and staff, and start what is safe to do so. 

What is Assemble?

Assemble is our volunteer hub to help you make the most of volunteering. You can see other volunteers in your area, download presentation templates, find out about the latest opportunities to have your say and much more.

Get started on Assemble

Looking for support to log in to Assemble? Download our short guide (PDF, 193KB) or contact your local staff member.

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At Parkinson’s UK we are committed to making our volunteer's experience as enjoyable, purposeful and rewarding as possible. We are also committed to meeting national levels of good practice in volunteer management standards. The following policies and agreements set out how, together, as volunteers and staff, we can make this happen, and the support you can expect from the charity in your volunteer role.

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Whatever your motivation for volunteering, we want to support you to get the most from your role. Our volunteer induction covers everything you need to get started. 

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Safeguarding policy (PDF, 434KB)

Any concerns?

This flowchart and guidance are to help you if you are a volunteer or member of your local group who has any safeguarding concerns. 

You can also contact the designated protection officer on [email protected] or call 0344 225 9853.

Staying connected, safely

Our priority is to support you to start only the in person activities that it's safe to do so. To help you bring people together and collaborate virtually, and to stay in touch with those you volunteer alongside, we've developed resources to support you to stay connected - safely.

Looking for a new volunteering challenge?

Check out our current volunteering vacancies. With everything from cheering at events to taking part in research, there's a role for you.