Volunteer resources

Volunteering for Parkinson's UK? Here are some of the documents and resources you might need as part of your role.

Our volunteering policy

Parkinson's UK is committed to meeting national levels of good practice in volunteer management standards.

We have a clear framework for involving volunteers in every aspect of the charity. 

Volunteer application form online

You can use this application form online to recruit new volunteers to roles from the following link:


Any volunteers who would like support to complete the form should contact the Volunteering team on 020 7963 9328.

My volunteer induction

The induction tells you what you need to know about starting your volunteering with Parkinson's UK. Talk to your staff contact to find out which parts to complete for your role.

Volunteer confidentiality agreement

During your time volunteering with Parkinson's UK, you may have access to confidential information as part of your role. If this is the case we will ask you to sign the agreement below before you start volunteering with us.

Data protection for volunteers

Parkinson's UK commits to ensuring the highest level of data protection.

We've developed these resources and tools to help you understand how to work with data. This ensures that together we're offering confidential and robust support for people affected by Parkinson's.


As a volunteer, you are entitled to claim reasonable, actual, out-of-pocket expenses incurred while volunteering.

In line with national standards of good practice in supporting volunteers, we are committed to ensuring that no volunteer is out of pocket because of expenses incurred when volunteering for us. Download our policy and Q&A below:

Volunteer safe driving and vehicle policy

Parkinson's UK has a moral and legal duty of care towards volunteers who drive their own vehicle while volunteering with us.

The purpose of this policy is to reduce the risks for volunteers who drive - whether as an essential part of their role or by choosing to drive to undertake their volunteering tasks when other transport options are available.

Gifts and hospitality policy

As a volunteer, there may be times when you are offered gifts or hospitality or believe that they should be offered to another person. This policy clearly outlines what is appropriate to accept or give them as a Parkinson's UK volunteer.

Volunteer problem solving policy and procedure

Parkinson's UK is committed to ensuring that all volunteers have a positive and rewarding volunteer experience. We have a clear problem solving policy and process that is followed when an issue involving a volunteer arises.

Policy statement on involving people with criminal records as volunteers

Parkinson's UK recognises the positive impact that a diverse team of volunteers can have on the organisation. We, therefore, welcome interest in our volunteer roles from everyone, and have developed this policy statement to clearly outline how we involve volunteers with criminal records.

Checks for criminal records

Our Volunteer disclosure and barring service checks policy covers the process of why and how Parkinson’s UK carry out record checks on volunteers at Parkinson’s UK. It also outlines how we handle, use, store and retain this information.

Safeguarding at Parkinson's UK

We take the protection of people with Parkinson's, our volunteers, supporters and our staff very seriously.

Our safeguarding policy is in place to protect adults who may be at risk from abuse, and to support the work of our local groups, volunteers and staff.

We acknowledge that abuse is rare. But it's important that volunteers and staff are aware of the potential for abuse and know what to do to ensure people are protected and treated with care and respect.

Key documents

Safeguarding policy

Read this if you are a member of one of our local groups, a volunteer or a member of staff.

The policy outlines all you need to know about safeguarding and why, as a charity, we believe safeguarding to be so important.

Safeguarding policy (PDF, 434KB)

Any concerns?

Guidance for volunteers not at UK office (PDF, 426KB)

Refer to this flowchart and guidance if you are a volunteer or member of your local group.

The flowchart provides information on what to do if you have any safeguarding concerns.

Please contact the staff below to discuss your concerns. They will be able to discuss any concerns you have, and where necessary ensure that help and support is provided.


Annie Macleod, Country Director
Tel: 0344 225 9350


Ana Palazon, Country Director
Tel: 0344 225 3786

Northern Ireland

Nicola Moore, Country Director
Tel: 0344 225 3680


North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humber
Ebbie Hulland, England Manager - North
Tel: 0344 225 3600

West Midlands, South West (including Channel Islands) and South (Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire)
Shirley Jones, England Manager - West
Tel: 0344 225 3780

East Midlands, Essex, Eastern England, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire
Ramilla Patel, England Manager - East
Tel: 0344 225 3610

London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Paula Carey, England Manager - South
Tel: 0300 123 3674.

If you are unable to reach them, or you are not a volunteer or group member and have any safeguarding concerns, please contact the designated protection officer on [email protected] or call 0344 225 9853.

Parkinson's UK Local Marketing Guidance Booklet

You can find useful support and guidance for your local marketing activities in our marketing recipe book.

Parkinson's UK marketing recipe book (PDF, 1.03MB)

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