About our health content

We produce a range of health and social care information, with input from healthcare professionals and people who have direct experience of Parkinson’s.

Our information is written for you, whether you live with the condition yourself or you are a friend, family member or carer.

It covers everything you may need to know to deal with the day to day challenges of Parkinson’s, from symptoms to drug treatments.

We want you to be able to use our information to make informed decisions about your Parkinson’s.

To ensure our information is reliable and easy to understand, we:

  • ask people living with Parkinson’s to read it and provide feedback
  • get expert advice from healthcare professionals
  • use the latest medical and clinical evidence
  • review our information regularly 

Can you help shape our information?

We need the experiences and expertise of a wide range of people. You can choose how regularly you’d like to be involved.