Young onset Parkinson's

Being diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's can be alienating and confusing. But you're not alone.

Talk to other younger people with Parkinson's

Chatting to others in a similar situation to you can be helpful. This list of UK-wide online support groups, run by and for younger people, will help you to connect with other younger people with Parkinson's.

These groups are independent of Parkinson's UK. We're confident they can be a good source of further support but the charity isn't responsible for their content, services or the accuracy of information provided.

Younger Parkinson's Alliance

The Younger Parkinson's Alliance have lived experience of young onset Parkinson's. They are passionate about ending stigma and creating change.

They also have a series of podcasts talking about the issues that affect them.


"The attitude seems to be that they are ‘women’s troubles’ and I just have to put up with them. Obviously this is frustrating. The fluctuations I have in my symptoms around my period challenge my quality of life, which is already a struggle to maintain when you have Parkinson’s.”

Alongside their symptoms, women under the age of 50 with Parkinson’s will have to manage periods, and later, the menopause. Emma and Sally share the challenges they face as younger women with the condition.