Be the cure: leave a gift in your will

A gift in your will to Parkinson’s UK could be the greatest gift you ever give.

We know including Parkinson's UK in your will is a big decision, and that family and loved ones come first. But all gifts make a huge difference.

Gifts in wills support pioneering research into better treatments and a cure. They also help fund our expert health information and support services, so we’re always here for people with Parkinson’s, and their family, friends and carers.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who includes a gift in their will to Parkinson’s UK. We simply couldn’t do our vital work without this support. You are the cure.

Have a question?

If you have any questions or want to talk to someone about leaving a gift in your will, or how your gift will help, our Legacy team can help.

Call us on 020 7963 9344 or email [email protected].

Joyce's story

Joyce is a Parkinson’s UK member and chair of her local support group. She has included a gift in her will to Parkinson’s UK to help fund research.

Gifts in wills like Joyce's have already helped create the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech, our drug discovery and development programme.

You could be the cure for Parkinson's with a gift in your will.

You could be the cure for Parkinson's

Gifts in wills, also known as legacies, are a critical source of funding for Parkinson’s UK.

They fund almost half of our vital work and help us plan for the future.

You could be the cure for Parkinson's with a gift in your will.

7 easy steps to leaving a gift in your will

  1. Work out the value of your estate. 
    Make sure you include property, investments and any debts.
  2. Choose your beneficiaries.
    These are the people or charities you would like to include in your will. Many supporters choose to leave a share of their estate to Parkinson’s UK as this type of gift won’t lose its value over time. This is called a residuary gift.
  3. Appoint your executors.
    Executors are the individuals responsible for ensuring that your wishes are carried out. They will be named in your will.
  4. Use a solicitor or professional will writing service.
    Through Parkinson’s UK, you can make or update your will for free through our will writing partners, Farewill and the National Free Wills Network. Find out how to make or update your will for free. 
    Or you can find solicitors in your area who specialise in wills, probate law and tax law on the Law Society website.
  5. Keep your will somewhere safe.
    Your solicitor or will writing service will often look after it for you, but you may wish to keep your own copy too.
  6. Tell a relative or close friend where the original copy of your will is stored.
  7. If you have already included a gift to Parkinson’s UK in your will, we’d love to hear from you to thank you for your support.
    But that’s entirely your decision – we do not need to know.