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We're adopting a radical new approach to speed up the process of finding better treatments for Parkinson's and delivering them to people faster.

When will there be a cure for Parkinson's?

Peter Jenner at King's College London outlines the big picture for Parkinson's research - the science that offers potential for better treatments and how close we are to a cure.

How close are we to a cure?

Our current research projects

Since the start of our strategic period in 2015, we've invested £16million in research. In addition to our research grants, we've set up initiative that aim to speed up the delivery of new and better treatments.

These are some of our most exciting current projects and initiatives:

Fast tracking better treatments

We won't wait for better treatments for Parkinson's. That's why we're investing in developing treatments to transform lives. Read about the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech.

Improving clinical trials

We believe clinical trials can work better, so we’re bringing the right people together to make trials faster, cheaper and more likely to succeed. Find out about the Critical Path for Parkinson's.

Our stem cell research

We've invested more than £3million in cutting-edge stem cell research, which we believe holds great potential for Parkinson's. Read about our stem cell research projects.

Tracking Parkinson's

Tracking Parkinson's is the world's largest ever in-depth study of people with Parkinson's. More about Tracking Parkinson's.

Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre

The £11million Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre (OPDC) is speeding up the search for better treatments and a cure for Parkinson's. Find out about the research happening at the OPDC.

Parkinson's UK Brain Bank

The Parkinson's UK Brain Bank is the world's only brain bank solely dedicated to Parkinson's research. Read more about the Brain Bank.

Repurposing approved treatments

We're taking the fastest route to better treatments by tracking down drugs approved and in use for other conditions, which could have potential for Parkinson's. Find out more.

Improving life

Alongside our groundbreaking research to develop better treatments and a cure we also fund research to improve quality of life. More about our research projects to improve life for people with Parkinson's.

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