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We're adopting a radical new approach to our research. We're speeding up the process of finding better treatments for Parkinson's, and delivering them to people faster.

Parkinson's didn't stop for coronavirus and neither did we. We're working hard to ensure that our research projects keep driving on in the search for new life-changing treatments.

Towards better treatments and a cure

As the largest charity funder of Parkinson's research in Europe, we've invested over £93 million in vital research that has delivered groundbreaking discoveries, new medications and better care. And right now new treatments are within our grasp.

We believe that together, we’ll find a cure

We’re a powerful global movement of scientists and supporters, investors and innovators. Driven by people with Parkinson’s every step of the way.

We partner with organisations from around the globe to fast-track promising discoveries. And with pioneering research initiatives - like the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech - we're tackling the critical roadblocks, filling the gaps and investing in big ideas to accelerate research and deliver better treatments to the people who need them, faster.

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We're backing the best and brightest minds to unlock the ideas that will lead to new treatments, and one day a cure. We also champion research to improve quality of life for people with Parkinson's and their families.

Over the past 50 years, research we have funded has delivered groundbreaking discoveries, new treatments and better care.

We are currently funding research projects into all aspects of Parkinson's, from genetics to gut bacteria, stem cells to sleep.

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People with Parkinson’s urgently need new treatments. But right now, there’s a huge gap in drug development. 

So at Parkinson’s UK, we’re stepping up to fund that gap. 

And we’re not doing it alone. We’re a powerful global movement of scientists and supporters, investors and innovators. Driven by people with Parkinson’s every step of the way.

We are aiming to invest at least a further £20million in our Virtual Biotech to deliver a life-changing new treatment to people with Parkinson’s by the end of 2024.

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For a treatment to become approved for Parkinson's it must successfully pass through clinical trials - one of the most difficult and expensive stages of research.

We believe clinical trials can work better, so we’re bringing the right people together in a global collaboration to make trials faster, cheaper and more likely to succeed.

Together we can improve clinical trials and give new treatments the best chance of success.

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Developing a new drug from scratch is a long, slow and expensive process, so we're looking for shortcuts.

We're taking the fastest route to better treatments by tracking down drugs already approved and in use for other conditions which have untapped potential for Parkinson's. 

This is called drug repurposing, and it could make new treatments available for people with Parkinson's much more quickly, easily and cheaply.

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