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We're adopting a radical new approach to speed up the process of finding better treatments for Parkinson's and delivering them to people faster.


As the largest charity funder of Parkinson's research in Europe, we've invested over £90million in developing treatments and a cure since the charity was founded. And today, new treatments are within our grasp.

We partner with organisations from around the globe to accelerate progress towards new and better treatments.

Find out how we work with companies to drive research forwards.

And, since the start of our strategic period in 2015, we've set up initiatives to tackle the critical roadblocks, fill the gaps and invest in big ideas that will speed up the process and deliver treatments to the people who need them, faster.


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Speeding up the research pipeline

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Our animation shows how Parkinson's UK research initiatives are speeding up every stage of the research pipeline to deliver new and better treatments and a cure, faster.

But what would a cure look like and how close are we?

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More about our research initiatives

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Through our research projects, we're backing the best and brightest minds to unlock the ideas that will lead to new treatments, and one day a cure.

We are currently funding around 50 research projects into all aspects of Parkinson's, from genetics to gut bacteria, stem cells to sleep. Alongside our ground-breaking research to develop better treatments and a cure, we also fund research to improve quality of life.

Discover all our research projects.

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Our pioneering Parkinson's Virtual Biotech is investing in the best ideas, wherever they come from, and rapidly turning them into treatments that can be tested and progressed.

As the drug development arm of Parkinson's UK, the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech aims to build a portfolio of projects worth £11million by 2020.

We select and manage projects at the drug discovery, preclinical and early clinical development stages, and work flexibly and creatively with leading research organisations to develop and commercialise new treatments for Parkinson's.

Find out more about the projects in the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech.

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We believe clinical trials can work better, so we’re bringing the right people together to make trials faster, cheaper and more likely to succeed.

The Critical Path for Parkinson’s consortium - an international collaboration, led by Parkinson’s UK - brings together pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, universities, charities and people with Parkinson’s. The aim is to share data from major studies and trials to improve clinical trials and give new treatments the best chance of success.

Read more about this pioneering collaboration and our successes so far.

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Developing a new drug from scratch is a long, slow and expensive process, so we're looking for shortcuts.

We're taking the fastest route to better treatments by tracking down drugs already approved and in use for other conditions which have untapped potential for Parkinson's. 

This is called drug repurposing, and it could make new treatments available for people with Parkinson's much more quickly, easily and cheaply.

Discover more and read the latest news on drug repurposing.

Our research achievements so far

Our research has led to major discoveries and improvements for people living with Parkinson's - but we still urgently need to do more.