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The Parkinson's Excellence Network brings together health and social care professionals to transform care for people with Parkinson's.

What does the Network do?

This is your Network.

It's a way for you to connect with other health and social care professionals with an interest in Parkinson's locally and across the UK. Share your ideas and get support to deliver changes in treatment and care.

Local Parkinson's Excellence Network working groups span the UK to empower and support people in their areas to drive change and innovation.

Excellence Network working groups on specific topics allow members to really focus on what matters to their patients.

Communication and collaboration can carry on virtually through the Excellence Network's Basecamp platform, available to all members, allowing networking at a time to suit you!

You can register interest in joining a working group by emailing [email protected]

Developing the right expert health and social care workforce is crucial to improving the quality of care for people with Parkinson's – and a priority for the Excellence Network.

The reach of Parkinson's education is increased with the Excellence Network's varied offer of accredited, online and volunteer educator learning programmes.

All learning content is developed in collaboration with Excellence Network members across professional disciplines, with dedicated learning pathways for Parkinson's nurses, therapists and other health and social care staff.

Through the Network you can access expert education advisers and Parkinson's educators. These advisers support education development and delivery in priority areas, and work to influence the core curriculum of professionals involved in Parkinson's care.

Equipping health and social care professionals to influence and shape provision is a key way the Parkinson's Excellence Network drives improvements in care.

The Network gives you the tools you need to review and redesign Parkinson's services to meet the needs of your patients and clients, including:

The priorities of people with Parkinson's are the touchstone for developing high quality services.

The Parkinson's Excellence Network offers clear insight from people with Parkinson's and the people who love and care for them to enable health and social care professionals to better meet their needs through:

  • the Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM), part of the UK Parkinson's Audit. See how the PREM findings can help you understand and benchmark your service from the perspective of your patients and clients, improving the quality of Parkinson's healthcare
  • access to feedback from people living with the condition from across the UK, along with tools and expertise to help you involve people with Parkinson's in shaping services
  • resources to equip you to enable people with Parkinson's to take control, and get the information, support and opportunities they need to manage their condition and live life to the full
  • face to face learning for social care professionals developed with and delivered by Parkinson's UK trained volunteer educators with personal experience of Parkinson's

Discover our national priority programmes

The Excellence Network oversees 4 national programmes of work, based on service improvement priorities identified by the UK Parkinson’s Audit. Read on to find out more about these ambitious multi year programmes.

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Meet the Clinical Leadership Team for the Excellence Network

Meet the team and read how and when they got involved with Parkinson’s, and why they stepped forward to take up a leadership role in the Network.