Assemble User Guide

This guide will help you make the most of using Assemble while volunteering with Parkinson’s UK.

Assemble is a tool Parkinson’s UK has to help you with your volunteering. Accessed through your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, Assemble is your go-to place to get up to speed with the news and resources you need to volunteer with Parkinson's UK. 

How much you use it is up to you. You might just want to update your contact details, or maybe you log in regularly to catch up on the latest news and opportunities from across the charity. However you use Assemble, you can find hints and tips to help you get started below.

Remember, you aren’t doing this on your own and your staff contact is there to help.

Resources, links and guides

We have pulled together some useful guides to help you navigate your way through Assemble. Please click on the link below to access the guide you require.

  1. What is Assemble
  2. How to log on
  3. What if I forget my password?
  4. Where to find documents?
  5. The Assemble App
  6. Messages - where to find them, how to send and reply.
  7. How to view your training record
  8. Updating your personal information
  9. News
  10. Events
  11. Contact Us