Support for you

If you have Parkinson's, or you know someone who has, we have the right support for you.

Our Facebook community

"The Facebook group has helped me so much. Everyone shares their experiences. It’s reassuring that I can make connections and new friends from all over the country."

If like Sindy, you're newly diagnosed, or just want to talk to people who really understand, our Facebook group is a great place to start.

Financial, legal and technological support

If you have Parkinson's there are a number things that it's useful to know about work, money, driving and legal issues.

  • Many people carry on working after diagnosis. You might find you can talk to your boss about working fewer hours or more flexibly.
  • There is financial help available for people with Parkinson's and carers. This includes grants and benefits.
  • If you have Parkinson's and you drive need to tell the the DVLA (in England, Scotland and Wales) or the DVA (in Northern Ireland) that you have Parkinson's. But having Parkinson's doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to stop driving.
  • You have the right to have the future you want. Planing things now and putting your affairs in order can reassure you that your wishes will be protected.

Find out more about work, money, driving and legal


Technology and Parkinson's

We asked a group of people with Parkinson's to test different apps and devices that might help them manage their condition. 

They tried them out and wrote reviews to help you choose apps and devices that will help you.

Find out more about apps and devices for Parkinson's.

Keeping well this winter

Cold weather, ice and seasonal illnesses can cause more complications for people with Parkinson's.

Here's our advice on managing in colder weather.