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With your help, we can be there for every single person with Parkinson's in the UK, and their loved ones. 

Parkinson's. There isn't one journey. There isn't one typical 'day in the life'.

People with Parkinson's can experience a combination of over 40 symptoms and everyone has a different journey. 

We will keep striving for new treatments. But until then, we will provide personalised and tailored support, trusted advice and information to everyone with Parkinson's, to live well through the ups and downs. The ons. The offs. And everything in between. 

But we can't do it without you. Will you donate today?

We can’t do it without you. Will you help us be there for everyone with Parkinson’s? 

Giving monthly means we can plan ahead and agree to fund long-term projects. 

£50 could fund the cost to support someone to cope with a new Parkinson's diagnosis, through an in-depth call and follow up support from one of our skilled helpline advisers. 

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Helen is a mother to 2 young boys and was diagnosed in 2017. She first experienced a tremor when she was pregnant with her second son.

"I noticed that the tremor was getting worse, so I went to my GP. He did a few tests on me and referred me to a neurologist. 3 months later I was at home with the boys when I got a phone call from a neurologist to tell me that the results had come back and I had Parkinson's. I was in total shock."

Helen was able to have access to a Parkinson's nurse, who helped Helen feel better about her diagnosis. She finds exercise can help with her condition and swims 3 times a week. She finds the positives where she can, but that doesn't mean her journey is easy. 

"Little things that take you for granted every day become very hard and very slow moving. It's a challenge. The boys help me, my little boy in particular, likes to help me put my shoes and socks on for me. If I was to give advice to someone who had recently been diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's, it would be to just live your life to the full." 

Your donations will make a difference

No Parkinson's journey is easy, but no one is alone. With your help, we're here for every single person with Parkinson's, like Helen, through all the ups and downs. From our expert Parkinson's Local Advisers to the incredible Parkinson's nurses. From the Parkinson's UK helpline to specialist support for people who have just been diagnosed.

Your donations can make an even bigger difference with a monthly gift. Setting up a monthly gift means we can plan ahead and invest in long-term projects. It will ensure our support services keep running. Set up and manage your regular gift and find out more about what we'll achieve.

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