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Our groundbreaking research and vital services depend totally on the money you raise and donate. Every pound and penny you give helps to bring real breakthroughs closer for people with Parkinson’s. 

Our work is powered by people who care about Parkinson’s. People like you.

You fund our amazing research. We’re chasing down a cure. Investing in pioneering projects that could slow, stop or reverse Parkinson’s. Discovering life-changing new treatments. And we aim to deliver the next new treatment in years not decades.

You make it possible for us to provide information and support to everyone with Parkinson's, when they need it most. Fighting for fair treatment and better services. Making everyone see its real impact.

The impact we make. Thanks to you.

Find out more about what we do at Parkinson's UK. And the impact we make on people's lives.

Your money is in safe hands.

For every £1 donated

80p is spent on making life better for people with Parkinson's.

20p is spent on making the next £1.

The people you help.

Your donations and fundraising support people with Parkinson's all over the UK. Read our real life stories to see the difference you make.

Our pledge to you

We are clear about who we are, what we do and how your money is used. We will never share your details with third parties to contact you nor sell on for financial gain.