We’re chasing down a cure. Investing in pioneering projects that could slow, stop or reverse Parkinson’s. Discovering life-changing new treatments. And we aim to deliver the next new treatment in years not decades.

Parkinson's is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world. There’s currently no cure. But as the largest European charitable funder of Parkinson's research, we're determined to change that. We've invested over £100m in vital research that has delivered groundbreaking discoveries, new medications and better care. And right now, new treatments are within our grasp.

Every breakthrough is powered by people who care about Parkinson’s. We unite to fund, shape and take part in research to make the biggest possible impact.

Together we can find new treatments. And one day, a cure.

We’re people-powered

The Parkinson’s community is the driving force behind our research. We unite them with scientists to shape, steer and take part in research. So every breakthrough makes the biggest possible difference to their lives. 

When Joy, a 68-year-old retired nurse from Scotland, said she thought she could smell Parkinson’s, some would have laughed. We investigated. And the discovery could change how we diagnose Parkinson’s forever. 

We’re funding trailblazing science

When it comes to finding a cure, impatience is a virtue. We’ve invested in groundbreaking projects, generating major discoveries. Projects like a 10-year study to reveal the long-term benefits of DBS (deep brain stimulation). Projects like our GDNF (glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor) clinical trial, which developed robot surgery to deliver a potential treatment to brain cells buried deep inside the brain.

Unlocking new treatments also means delving into the causes of Parkinson’s. That’s why we fund the Parkinson's UK Brain Bank – the world's only brain bank dedicated to Parkinson's research.

We’re close to major breakthroughs. That’s why we set up our Virtual Biotech, fast tracking the most promising scientific discoveries into life-changing new treatments. This includes a world first clinical trial looking at the potential benefit of cannabidiol (CBD) for people with Parkinson's who experience associated psychosis

We’re transforming life with Parkinson’s

We’re relentlessly chasing down a cure. But we’re not just focused on the future. We’re investing in research to improve life for people with Parkinson’s right now. 

From the best ways to stay active, to tackling a wide range of symptoms, to understanding the true value of Parkinson’s nurses, our research supports people to have more good days.

Research involving animals

We believe that the use of animals is currently essential in helping us improve treatments and find a cure for Parkinson's. But we're committed to minimising our use of animals in research.