International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Non-motor Rating Scale (MDS-NMS)

The MDS-NMS is a rater-completed assessment that measures frequency and severity of non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s.

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The scale measures 13 non-motor domains, over 52 items and covers a range of key non-motor symptoms both Parkinson's and treatment related.

The MDS-NMS also has a new MDS-NMS Non-Motor Fluctuations (NMF) Subscale to assess changes in non-motor symptoms in relation to the timing of anti-parkinsonian medications across 8 domains.

This scale is expected to be useful in clinical care and research, including trials of investigational medicinal products related to Parkinson's. The MDS-NMS is a valid and reliable rating scale that measures the burden of non-motor symptoms, including non-motor fluctuations, in Parkinson's patients.

The MDS-NMS, further details and a list of the authors can be found on the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society website.

Movement Disorder Society (MDS) owned scales

The MDS requires a ratings scales permissions request form to be completed and submitted, with fees where applicable, before working with these tools.

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