Local group virtual activities for everyone

Many activities have moved online due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Here’s a list of all the virtual activities you can access wherever you live. Just get in touch to sign up.

We’ll update this as we get new information about other activities that are available to everyone.

Run by Parkinson’s UK

The Alex Project, Bollington

The Macclesfield Branch welcomes you to get together with other people from the Parkinson’s community by joining their Zoom sessions.

10am to 11am, every Monday.
2pm to 3pm, every Thursday.

For more details have a look at the Alex Project website or email [email protected]


Carlisle Branch Weekly Meeting

Join the Carlisle Branch for their weekly meeting where they chat, do quizzes and offer one another peer support and information. They welcome anyone to join.

2.30pm, every Tuesday

For more information, please contact Linny Rubra on [email protected]


Cherry Hill Online Cafe

Join the Parkinson’s UK Cherry Hill Online Cafe to make and meet friends in a relaxed situation using Zoom. Bring your coffee or tea and sit down for an hour or so for a chat and companionship.

10.30am, every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month

For more information and the Zoom link, please contact Linda Jones on [email protected]


Cuppa and a cake

The Cambridge Branch welcomes everyone to join them for a cuppa and chat on Zoom, usually with a guest speaker.

10.30am, 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

Find out more on the Cambridge Branch's page.


Exercise activity

The Peterborough Branch runs an online exercise class, rotating Pilates, Zumba and yoga. All exercises are open to everyone and are for all abilities.

2pm to 3pm, every Monday.

For more information, email Ruth Brinkler-Long on [email protected]


Huntingdon meeting

An online Zoom meeting.

2pm, 3rd Monday of the month.

For more information, email David Rudd on [email protected]


Love to move exercise

The Huntingdonshire Branch runs an online class that's open to everyone.

11am, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
2.30pm, every Thursday.

For more information, email Kim Hall on [email protected]


Movement in mind

Difficulties which affect the body can also make the mind react. This often results in unexplained physical symptoms and a sense of exhaustion. These therapy sessions focus on the body and its sensations, offering a chance to re-calibrate, refresh and restore.

For more information, go to the activity page. 


North Tyneside Support Group Meeting

Join the North Tyneside Support Group for their monthly catch up where they offer information, friendship and support to people with Parkinson's, their families and carers. They welcome anyone to join.

2pm, every 3rd Monday of the month

For more information, please email Viki Mayes on [email protected]


North Walsham Support Group meeting

The North Walsham Support Group’s weekly meeting varies. They welcome anyone to join their upcoming sessions.

For more information, email Andy Harding on [email protected]


Online exercise

The Huntingdonshire Branch runs an online exercise class that's open to everyone.

11am, every Tuesday.

For more information, email Sarah-Jane on [email protected]


Online keep fit

The Peterborough Branch runs an online exercise class that's open to everyone.

2pm to 3pm, every Thursday.

Find out more on the Peterborough Branch's page.


Parkinson’s pub group

The Ipswich and East Suffolk Branch is running a Parkinson’s pub which is working age friendly.

2pm, last Friday of the month.

For more information, email Becky Penso on [email protected]


Quiz night

Dave at the Peterborough Branch hosts a quiz night every week throughout lockdown. It's a fun way to socialise and meet others.

7pm to 9pm, every Friday.

Find out more on the Peterborough Branch’s page.


Scarborough Branch

The Scarborough Branch welcomes anyone to join their weekly group meeting.

2pm, every Thursday

They also hold a weekly quiz night.

7pm, usually every Tuesday

For more information or to join either event please contact Trevor Thomson on [email protected]


Skipton Support Group

The Skipton and District Support Group offer an informal, friendly zoom meet up once a month and new people are always welcome. Join them for some peer support, information and friendly chat. 

2pm, every 3rd Thursday of the month

For more information and the Zoom link, please contact Sue Jackson on 01756 796 967 or [email protected]

Run by a third party

Please note, these activities are not organised by Parkinson’s UK (company number 00948776). Parkinson’s UK is not responsible for the activity and is not liable for any advice or treatment received, or for any loss or damage incurred because of attending the activity.


Stroud’s healthy lifestyles scheme has an online light to moderate physical activity class designed for people with Parkinson’s, MS and other medical conditions that limit their mobility.

10.30 to 11.30am, every Tuesday.

For more information, visit the Stroud healthy lifestyles scheme website


Jane’s exercise classes

Jane has worked closely with the Bedford Support Group for some time and wishes to welcome anyone from the Parkinson’s community to her classes. It is making a great difference to people in lockdown. The classes take place on Zoom and people join about 15 minutes early for a chat with each other.

11.30am to 12.15pm, every Wednesday and Friday.

For more information, email Jane on [email protected] 


Online social singalong

At Alison’s class, you can sing along to well known pop and jazz standards from roughly the 1960s onwards during one of her online sessions.

3pm to 4pm, every Monday.

For more information, see the activity page


Online Exercise Classes

Join Neuro-instructor Jack Davies from Healthbox CIC for online exercise classes for people with Parkinson's.

1.30pm - 2.30pm, every Thursday
For further information or to book onto the class please contact Jack Davies on [email protected]


Parkinson's Art Academy

Launching 15 May, the Parkinson’s Art Academy will offer a range of free, online courses covering the different arts.

Enrollment is now open for 'Poetry Without Fear’ and the portraiture course (drawing & painting portraits).

The academy aims to utilise the artistic skills and knowledge within the Parkinson’s community.

Find out more here.