First Steps programme

First Steps is a free online programme designed for people recently diagnosed with Parkinson's. 

About First Steps

First Steps has been developed with people with Parkinson’s, and is delivered by volunteer hosts who also live with the condition.

The programme will help you take the first steps in processing your diagnosis, find out what information and support is available, and start living well with Parkinson’s.

We hope that at the end of the programme you will feel more knowledgeable, supported and positive in facing the future.  

A diagnosis of Parkinson's has an impact on family and friends, as well as the person with Parkinson's, so we welcome a family member or friend to take part with you. 

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If you're in the early stages of processing your diagnosis, and don't yet know how Parkinson's UK and health professionals can support you to live well with Parkinson's, then this programme is for you.

You might also benefit if you don't know where to start with getting active, or are wondering how to get more physical activity into your daily routine and stay motivated. 

The programme provides you with the opportunity to meet other people who have been affected by a new diagnosis of Parkinson's, and their family and friends.

If you feel ready to discuss experiences in a group setting, then book your place on the programme.

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First Steps is a structured group programme hosted by people with Parkinson's. You'll be joined by 8 to 10 other people living with Parkinson's. Some people take part with a family member or friend, but you don't have to.  

You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, take part in group discussions and hear from other people in a similar situation. 

The programme is run over 4 3-hour sessions via Zoom. Sessions 1 and 2 take place over 1 week or weekend, and sessions 3 and 4 take place 6 weeks later. You'll have regular breaks throughout each session. 

To join a programme, you'll need access to a device with a webcam and a reliable internet connection. If you don't feel confident using Zoom, please don't worry. We can offer support in how to get started and use all the key features.

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Sessions 1 and 2:

  • Processing your diagnosis. 
  • Facts about Parkinson's.
  • Accessing the right professionals to help you manage your condition and your symptoms.
  • The support that Parkinson's UK can offer you.
  • The importance of physical activity and staying active in managing Parkinson's. 

Sessions 3 and 4, which follow up 6 weeks later:

  • A review of how you've been getting on since the first 2 sessions, the activities you've taken up, and an opportunity to share any successes or challenges. 
  • A separate group discussion for people living with Parkinson’s and a separate group discussion for family members and friends. 
  • The rights and practicalities around living with Parkinson’s, such as employment, driving and prescriptions. 
  • Living positively with Parkinson’s, tips for coping on difficult days, and the support options available to you and your family member or friend. 

Does this sound like it's for you? Book your place.

There are 4 online sessions in the programme, with a 6-week gap between sessions 2 and 3, so please make sure you can commit to the 4 dates in each group before booking.

More group sessions will be added throughout the year, so keep checking this page for more dates.

Group 2

Each session runs from 1pm to 4pm.

  • Tuesday 2 February 2021

  • Friday 5 February 2021

  • Tuesday 16 March 2021

  • Friday 19 March 2021

Book your place.

Group 3

Each session runs from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

  • Monday 8 February 2021
  • Thursday 11 February 2021 
  • Monday 22 March 2021         
  • Thursday 25 March 2021 

Book your place.

Group 4

Each session runs from 10am to 1pm.

  • Saturday 20 February 2021              

  • Sunday 21 February 2021    

  • Saturday 27 March 2021      

  • Sunday 28 March 2021  

Book your place.

Group 5

Each session runs from 1pm to 4pm.

  • Monday 1 March 2021                            

  • Friday 5 March 2021       

  • Monday 12 April 2021   

  • Friday 16 April 2021 

Book your place.

Contact us 

If you have any questions, please contact the First Steps team on 020 7963 9831 or email [email protected].

"It really helped me to be in a group of people who're on the same journey, facing the same issues and, in the case of the presenters, are further down the path than me.

"I don't feel so alone or overwhelmed any more."