Management and treatment of chronic sialorrhea (drooling) due to Parkinson's. (Merz Therapeutics in partnership with Parkinson's UK)

An online course examining the management and treatment of chronic sialorrhea in Parkinson's.

2 hours
Event / learning type

An online course examining the management and treatment of chronic drooling (sialorrhea) in Parkinson's. This educational module has been initiated and funded by Merz therapeutics. Merz Therapeutics have provided the learning content and reviewed the final modules for factual accuracy. Parkinson's UK has created the educational platform and provided advice and support in the development of this resource.

Who is the course for?

Healthcare professionals such as: Speech and language therapists, Parkinson’s nurse specialists, Parkinson’s consultants.

What will participants learn?

The course focuses on the following areas:

  • What is sialorrhea?
  • Impact of sialorrhea
  • Assessing chronic drooling
  • Managing chronic drooling
  • Botulinum neurotoxin type A injections

How does it work?

This course will give you access to multimedia resources about treating and managing chronic drooling (sialorrhea) within Parkinson’s. You'll be able to read, watch and listen to multimedia and interactive resources. 

You can log in at any time to this self-directed learning to work through the course and at a pace that suits you. A certificate is available to download once you have completed the course.

The course should take a minimum of 2 hours to complete. The 2 hours are split between the five modules.