Case study: Parkinson's study day

Gill Carter explains how she benefited from attending our Parkinson's study day.

If you're a health or social care professional it's likely that you'll come into contact with people with Parkinson's.

Our free 1-day study days - held all over the UK - will give you a greater understanding of Parkinson's and its impact, and provide strategies to help you support people with the condition.

Gill's experience

Here's what Gill Carter, Community Parkinson's Disease Specialist Nurse at South Cheshire and Vale Royal, had to say about her study day experience:

"I attended the Parkinson's study day run by Gail. As someone who has only become aware of Parkinson's in the last 19 months or so, I feel I still have a great deal to learn and understand about this complex condition.

"I learn best by listening to and discussing scenarios with other experienced professionals. I always hear something new or a different way to explain something.

Lots to take away

"I took many things away from Gail's session. But the 1 thing that really stuck for me was the discussion around why someone with Parkinson's may have difficulty mobilising, but seemingly easily climb the stairs.

"This scenario demonstrates the difficulties people with Parkinson's experience and why others have difficulty understanding the condition. What they see misleads them because of this lack of understanding."

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