Leave a gift in your Will

Leave a gift in your will and make a lasting legacy that will help fund groundbreaking research and bring real life-changing breakthroughs closer for people affected by Parkinson’s. Together we will find a cure. 

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Find out how to include a gift in your Will to Parkinson’s UK with our helpful guide. Large or small, your gift will help fund the search for better Parkinson’s treatments. To request your free guide email Chris at [email protected].

How your gift will help

Gifts in Wills, also known as legacies, make a huge difference, funding almost half of our vital work.

They’ve already helped create the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech – fast-tracking the most promising scientific discoveries to rapidly develop and test better treatments. 

By leaving a gift in your Will, you’ll also help fund groundbreaking research to improve life for people with Parkinson's – projects that could help prevent falls, overcome freezing, tackle swallowing problems and more.

In fact, gifts in Wills are helping us towards our ambition of doubling the amount we spend on Parkinson’s research. 

No matter how large or small, your gift will leave a lasting legacy. 

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How to leave a gift in your Will - step by step

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