Grants for non-drug approaches

We want to fund creative, innovative research into non-drug approaches that will play a vital part in helping people living with Parkinson’s manage their daily challenges and take control of life with Parkinson’s. 

We want to focus on what matters most to people living with Parkinson’s and provide solutions and deliver outcomes to improve quality of life as soon as possible.

There are lots of ways to manage the ongoing issues and challenges of life with Parkinson’s. Non-drug approaches are important to people affected by Parkinson’s. At some stages of the condition, these approaches are of equal or greater importance than pharmacological treatment.


These may include:

  • Speech and language, physiotherapy and occupational therapies
  • Approaches to managing mental health 
  • Lifestyle changes including exercise, dance and nutrition
  • Aids and devices
  • Complementary therapies.



The deadline for this round has passed.

Applicants who are successful at the preproposal stage will be invited to submit a full application via our online application system. The deadline for full applications is Thursday 12 September 2024, by 4pm


Duration and value

The duration of a grant is up to a maximum of 24 months.

There is no minimum award amount and the maximum award amount is £200,000.



Grants are tenable only at a UK university, NHS Trust, statutory social care organisation or other research institution.

Principal applicants should hold employment contracts that extend beyond the period of the grant.

Co-applicants and collaborators may be based at institutions outside the UK or biotech companies. 

Applications related to improving healthcare services will not be considered in this scheme.

We will only accept one resubmission of an application. Please refer to the information for applicants for more details.

We actively encourage people from all sections of the community to apply for grants, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation, or religion.


Involving people with Parkinson's in your research 

We worked with people affected by Parkinson's, their families and professionals to come up with key priorities for improving everyday life in the shorter term. Applicants may wish to consider the priorities identified by people with Parkinson’s when preparing applications.

It’s important that research is shaped by people with Parkinson's and the people who love and care for them every step of the way. We’re here to support researchers to involve patients and the public in their work in a meaningful way. Find out more about patient and public involvement.


Parkinson's Excellence Network

Find out more about the Parkinson’s Excellence Network and its network of professionals to develop, test and implement initiatives and new practices that will enhance the quality of health and care services for people with Parkinson’s within the UK.

For more information on Excellence Network funding, including grants for service improvement and pump priming for specialist posts, contact

Success rates

In 2023, the charity received 25 preproposal applications, 11 of these were invited to submit a full application, and 4 applications were recommended for funding.

You can download the latest list of all our active research projects.

Parkinson's UK is here for everyone in the Parkinson's community. Our Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) strategy sets out our overarching goal, ambitions and EDI promise. The charity wants equity for everyone who lives with Parkinson’s, and the people in their lives, in the UK.

Responses to Parkinson’s treatment can be different depending on a range of factors. We believe Parkinson’s research should involve, include and represent all members of the community. By having a diverse network of people involved with research, we’re more likely to make breakthroughs that change the lives of all people with Parkinson’s.

The charity's Race Equality in Research project sets out our long-term strategy to increase engagement and participation in Parkinson’s research with people from Black, Asian and Mixed Race backgrounds.

Please see the 'Writing a research grant application' appendix within the non-drug approaches information for applicants document for more information on how to consider equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of your research.

We consider the needs of everyone who applies for a grant at Parkinson’s UK. If you have a disability, long-term health condition, mental health condition, are neurodivergent, or have care responsibilities and need support at any point during the application process, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. You can email [email protected].

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