Excellence Network funding for UK health and social care organisations

The Excellence Network offers a variety of funding opportunities to organisations who are working towards our shared mission of improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s and their loved ones and carers.

Commitment to funding

Between 1996 and 2021, Parkinson’s UK pump primed 320 specialist nurse posts and directly invested around £8m into developing and supporting them. 

But we’ve not done it alone. Across all 4 UK nations, we’ve had support from expert influencers, generous and passionate funders, local groups, communities and campaigners.

We’ll continue pump priming specialist nurse posts through the Excellence Network until we reach our goal of universal access to a specialist Parkinson’s nurse for everyone with Parkinson’s living in the UK. 

Funding for service improvement and allied health and mental health professionals

We also recognise the need for better multidisciplinary care for people with Parkinson’s. Our flagship Excellence Network Grants Scheme was launched in 2022. It funds specialist allied health professional (AHP) and mental health professional posts and supports service improvement projects across the UK. 

We welcome:

The scheme will run alongside the existing grants scheme for pump priming specialist Parkinson’s nurse posts in services across the UK.  

To contact the Excellence Network Grants team with queries, email [email protected].

Looking for funding for education and research activities?

Parkinson’s UK and a number of external professional organisations and charitable trusts provide funding for education and research activities.