Project grants

Our project grants tackle major Parkinson's research challenges with groundbreaking studies that get right to the heart of complex problems.

The project grant scheme supports research looking into the following areas:

  • to better understand the causes of Parkinson’s

  • drug discovery at all stages of the drug discovery pipeline

  • cohort studies

  • early clinical investigations looking at biomarkers

  • pilot clinical trials

We will also accept small scale pilot projects in the above areas.


The pre-proposal deadline for applications is 2 February 2022. You can access the pre-proposal application via our online application system.

Applicants who are successful at the pre-proposal stage will be invited to submit a full application via our online application system and the deadline for this will be 27 April 2022.


The duration of a grant is up to a maximum of 3 years. There is no fixed maximum value for project grants, however, the cost of applications is usually up to £400,000 and the average amount awarded is £220,000.


Grants are tenable only at a UK university, NHS Trust, statutory social care organisation or other UK research institution.

Principal applicants should hold employment contracts that extend beyond the period of the grant.

Co-applicants and collaborators may be based at institutions outside the UK or at pharmaceutical or biotech companies. 


There was a 21% success rate at the full application stage in 2021:

  • 30 pre-proposal applications were accepted for review
  • 19 applicants were invited to submit a full application
  • 4 project grants were awarded

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