Types of grant

Explore the types of grant and awards we offer and find a range of open funding calls. 

In addition to our types of grants information, please read our information for applicants to discover:

  • how research grant applications are reviewed
  • our research grant process from application to completion
  • our policies for research grants, including terms and conditions, cost guidance and data management

Or if you already have a Parkinson's UK grant, visit our information for grantholders.


Project grants

  • Our project grants tackle major Parkinson's research challenges with groundbreaking studies that get right to the heart of complex problems. This includes funding for research into the causes of Parkinson's, drug discovery, early clinical investigations looking at biomarkers, pilot clinical trials, cohort studies and PhD studentships.

Non-drug approaches grants

  • Our non-drug approaches grants fund research focusing on what matters most and improving quality of life for people affected by Parkinson’s in the shorter term. Alongside medication, other approaches - such as living aids, exercise and therapies - can play a vital part in helping people to manage daily life and take control of Parkinson's

Drug accelerator award grants

  • Our drug accelerator grants are for small teams looking to generate the essential data needed to get their projects / compounds ready to enter full scale drug discovery with an industry partner or the Parkinson’s Virtual BiotechProjects should focus on translational drug development to make a difference to those affected by Parkinson’s.

Parkinson's Virtual Biotech programme