Types of grant

In this section, you can explore the types of grant and awards we offer and find a range of open funding calls. 

In addition to our types of grants information, please read our information for applicants to discover:

  • how applications are assessed
  • our process from application to completion
  • terms and conditions, cost guidance and more...

Or if you already have a Parkinson's UK grant, visit our information for grantholders.


cohort studies, drug discovery, and clinical trials

Please note:

  • Funding for cohort studies is only available through a cohort study grant.
  • Projects at the drug discovery and development or clinical trials stage may be considered for the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech. 

    Before making an application, please visit the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech website at www.parkinsonsvirtualbiotech.co.uk

    If you have a project that fits with our aims and would be interested in learning more about the opportunities for working together, we would be delighted to hear from you.

    Please contact us at [email protected]


Other support for researchers

There is a range of other support for Parkinson's researchers - from help with recruiting participants or involving people affected by Parkinson's, to requesting brain tissue or accessing patient data and biosamples.

Discover what resources and support are available.

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