Parkinson's Explained (FMBTraining)

This course, which can be delivered in-house, is designed to give all levels of staff supporting people with Parkinson's an understanding of the condition.

West Midlands
3.5 hours
Event / learning type
Continuing professional development

The course can be adjusted for more bespoke requirements.

Trainer Fiona Bassett worked for Parkinson's UK for many years as West Midlands Education and Training Officer.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will have gained an understanding of the key challenges of living with Parkinson's, such as the challenges of mobility, communication and swallowing.

They will also be able to identify the importance of drug management, and recognise the role of Parkinson's UK and the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network in supporting people with Parkinson's.

The course will enable participants to be able to evaluate their own practice and care of people with Parkinson's and to be much more aware of the needs of people with Parkinson's.

Fiona also delivers Community Seminars on Parkinson's and a half-day course, 'Understanding Dementia'.  Please get in touch with FMBTraining for further details.

Course cost & Application

Please get in touch with Fiona Bassett to discuss the course cost and to apply.