Together, we’re funding research that can give you hope for the future. Together we’re Parkinson’s UK. You shape Parkinson’s research. You transform lives. And we can find a cure.

People with Parkinson’s need better treatments and a cure.

We’ll achieve this because we’re the driving force behind 50 years of pioneering research. Today, we invest more into Parkinson’s research than any other charitable funder in Europe.

Funding and investing in vital research through our grants programme and our Virtual Biotech - a groundbreaking global movement to deliver life-changing new treatments in years not decades.

Every breakthrough is powered by people who care about Parkinson’s. We unite to fund, shape and take part in research to make the biggest possible impact.

Together we can find new treatments. And one day, a cure.

Discover how we've pushed the boundaries of science, invested in major trials and changed lives. 

For Parkinson's researchers

If you're a Parkinson's researcher, we're here to support you. From providing research grants, to helping you recruit participants, we offer a range of support and resources.