Information for grantholders

From applying for your next grant to reporting on progress, this page has all the information you need as a Parkinson's UK grantholder.

Here to support you

As a Parkinson's UK grantholder, we're here to help you make your project a success, tell the world about your findings and ensure your research goes on to improve the lives of people living with the condition.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] 

Support and resources

As the UK's largest Parkinson's charity, we can help you recruit participants by sharing your research with our supporters. Learn more about the support we offer.

Whether you're applying for funding or conducting your research, there are many ways we can support you to involve people affected by Parkinson's in a meaningful and timely way. Find out how PPI can benefit your research.

Next step grants

Next step funding is for Parkinson's UK project grants that would benefit from additional funding when:

  • a new technique or test arises during the progress of the grant and additional funding is required to make use of it
  • an unexpected avenue opens up during the course of the grant which would be valuable to pursue

Next step grants are offered for up to 6 months and for a maximum of £20,000.

For more information read our Information for applicants - Next step funding (PDF, 388KB).

Deadlines and eligibility

Applications may be submitted at any time but must be made at least 6 months before the end of the original project grant.

Next step funding may not be used to 'top up' project grants due to changes in institutional salaries or to extend a grant where poor planning has resulted in a lack of funds or time. Funds will not be awarded for work detailed in the original project grant proposal.

Next step funding is tenable only at the original project grant’s host institution and is subject to the same terms and conditions as the original project grant.

How to apply

An application form for next step funding may be requested from [email protected]

Our research grants offer support to scientists researching Parkinson's at every stage of their careers. Find out about the wide range of grants available to you.

Parkinson's didn't stop for coronavirus (COVID-19) and neither did we. We are planning grant rounds for later in the year, you can find details of these on our open funding calls page

If you’re a researcher running an existing award, or an institution hosting the award, and you have concerns about the impact of coronavirus, contact us at [email protected]

For researchers running clinical studies, guidance has been released by GOV.UK and MHRA. 

Read more about the impact of coronavirus on our research in this blog from Dr Arthur Roach, Director of the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech.

Parkinson's UK is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) non-commercial Partner. This means the studies that we fund may be eligible to access NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) support.

The NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) has extended support into health and social care research taking place in non-NHS settings.

The CRN can support research conducted outside of NHS settings, such as studies running in care homes or in hospices, which will answer important questions for those patient populations.

The CRN can also better support research into public health, for example in schools and other community settings. Find out how the NIHR can help you.

In partnership with your local Research & Development office, we encourage you to involve your local team in discussions as early as possible when planning your study to fully benefit from the support the NIHR CRN offers as outlined in their Study Support Service. Learn how you can get in touch with your local CRN team.

If your study involves NHS sites in England you will need to apply for Health Research Authority Approval. For guidance on submitting an application please visit 

Make sure your research makes an impact

If you have exciting findings, or a paper in the pipeline, we want to help you get your research out there.

So throughout your grant, and after it ends, grantholders are required to advise the Research directorate in advance of upcoming publications. Find out more in our open access publishing policy.