Open access publishing for researchers

We expect the ideas and knowledge gained through the research we fund to be shared as widely as possible.

Parkinson’s UK is the largest charitable funder of Parkinson’s research in Europe. So far, we’ve invested more than £100 million in ground-breaking research.

Major advances have come from the research we’ve supported – helping to improve treatment and care for people living with Parkinson’s, both within the UK and worldwide. The main output of this research is new ideas and knowledge, which Parkinson’s UK expects its researchers to publish in high-quality, peer-reviewed journals. 

In line with other major funders, Parkinson’s UK believes the best way to share these papers as widely as possible is through free, unrestricted, online access. This means that the research we fund can be used to its best advantage by researchers all over the world, to the ultimate benefit of people with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson's UK grantholders can publish any Parkinson’s UK research for free on AMRC Open Research, including research articles, data and software articles, systematic reviews, and study protocols. This is time of considerable disruption to researchers, which has demonstrated the need for investigators to be able to share their research quickly and easily. Many journals are prioritising the publication of COVID-19 research at the expense of other topics, but AMRC Open Research will publish all research with minimal delays.

Visit the Parkinson's UK AMRC Open Research Platform Gateway.

You can see our full open access policy here.

Tell us about your publications

Parkinson's UK grantholders are required to tell us about any new papers in advance of publication.

This means we can share the news with people with Parkinson's and gives us time to work with you to prepare a press release.