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DaTSCAN: quick reference clinical summary now available


A new summary on the appropriate use of DaTSCAN and linked Critically Appraised Topics (CATs) exploring the underpinning research evidence, have been produced.

A new clinical summary on the appropriate use of DaTSCAN has been produced by the Excellence Network’s Evidence-Based Practice theme working group.

It is designed to be viewed online and can be downloaded for quick reference in the workplace, giving you clear, concise and relevant information not included in national guidelines.

To help access the evidence underpinning the clinical summary, a series of Critically Appraised Topics (CATs) has also been created.

Quick reference resources

Dr Donald Grosset, consultant neurologist, led on the development of the resources. He explains:

"We pulled together evidence-based guide notes for a number of items that are ‘frequently asked questions’ in relation to the use of this diagnostic test, as an easy access reference point for clinicians.

"We hope this helps you if you are new to the area, or as a quick refresher.”

Similar sets of resources will follow soon for the assessment and management of falls and for mild cognitive impairment. So watch this space!