What the Spending Review means for people with Parkinson’s

In his Spending Review today the Chancellor, Sajid Javid, announced plans to increase spending across all government departments.


He announced £13.8 billion of extra government spending next year on ‘the people’s priorities’, which includes investment in the NHS, social care, local transport, and preparing for a no-deal Brexit.

Javid’s plans that could impact on people with Parkinson’s and their families are:

  • £1.5 billion increase in funding to local councils across England to tackle the social care crisis. This includes £1 billion of new funding and half a billion from the Council Tax precept. This precept allows councils who provide adult social care to increase their Council Tax and then use this money to fund social care services
  • £6.5 billion to the NHS, this includes £210 million for training frontline staff and a £1.8 billion package to improve patient care
  • £2 billion to help with the no-deal Brexit planning
  • £200 million to improve local bus transport

While we welcome these announcements about increased funding, we are keen to see the detail to understand exactly how people with Parkinson’s will benefit, as we know many of our supporters are struggling to access these services.

Laura Cockram, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Parkinson’s UK, said: “We’re encouraged that the Chancellor has recognised the need to invest in the NHS, social care and improving local transport services to keep people active, healthy and well. 

“However, we fear that the social care funding announced today is only a sticking plaster and doesn’t address the long-term challenges the system faces. 

“We are keen to see the government’s plan for tackling the care crisis as too many people with Parkinson’s, and other long-term conditions, are desperate for services that meet their needs and for a clear vision on the future of adult social care.”

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