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We're campaigning to make sure that everyone in a care home or hospital gets their medication on time - every time.

Get It On Time

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When you sign our petition, you’re calling on the NHS to push hospital trusts and health boards to introduce 15-minute mandatory Parkinson’s training. Staff will learn just how important it is for people with Parkinson’s to get their medication on time, every time.

Q&A: the importance of getting Parkinson's medication on time

Need advice and support on how to manage medication in hospital? We interviewed Parkinson's nurse Patsy Cotton to share some hints and tips.

Get It On Time report

We know that medication is a lifeline for people living with Parkinson’s and that if they don't get it on time it can seriously impact their health.

That’s why today, we have launched a new report that asks the NHS to take action to improve medication management for people with Parkinson’s in hospital. 

The findings in the report highlight the unsafe reality of going into hospital for people living with the condition. These findings include:

  • Nearly two thirds of people who have Parkinson’s don’t always get their medication on time in hospital.

  • More than three quarters of people with Parkinson’s that we asked reported that their health deteriorated as a result of poor medication management in hospital. 

  • Only 21% of respondents told us they got their medication on time without having to remind hospital staff.

Get It On Time report (PDF, 3.4MB)

Do download and look at the recommendations for our report

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When someone with Parkinson's doesn't get their medication at the time prescribed for them, their symptoms become uncontrolled.

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