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What the latest budget means for people with Parkinson's


On Wednesday 22 November the Chancellor Phillip Hammond MP delivered his first autumn budget.

The budget referenced the need to prepare the public finances post-Brexit and he announced investment in the NHS, Universal Credit and housing. However, he ignored the social care crisis brewing in England.

Below are the key things to highlight that will impact people with Parkinson's.

Social care

We're extremely disappointed that the Government missed the opportunity to significantly increase social care funding.

We know councils in England are under huge financial pressure, and additional money is crucial to prevent care being rationed and people with Parkinson's and their families reaching crisis point.


We're extremely concerned that reducing waiting times by only a week will do nothing to protect people with Parkinson's from Universal Credit. This will mean having to overcome more hurdles to access less money than previous benefits.


We welcome the Chancellor's increased £2.8billion funding for the NHS in England for the life of this parliament, to help with everyday running costs. We hope this will alleviate some of the pressure health bodies are facing to meet the needs of people with Parkinson's.


Commenting on the budget Laura Cockram, Head of Policy and Campaigns, said:

"While the Chancellor has announced increased investment in the NHS, we are bitterly disappointed that his statement doesn't tackle funding problems in social care or issues in the welfare system. These issues see people with Parkinson's choosing between heating their homes and eating every day.

"Recent research found that a household of someone with Parkinson's faces £16,500 of extra costs – which causes undue stress and worry.

"This budget does little to address their concerns and we call on the Government to safeguard the ability of people with Parkinson's to access social care as their condition progresses.

"Also, the Government should urgently pause the roll-out of Universal Credit to ensure the system is fit for purpose."

Our next steps

We will brief MPs and peers to ensure they understand the impact of the budget on people affected by Parkinson's, and can raise them in the forthcoming debates.

We'll also raise our concerns with members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Parkinson's.

Get involved

If these budget announcements impact you and you’d like to support our campaigning work, then please join our Campaigns Network.

If you have any questions about applying for benefits please call our helpline on 0808 800 0303.