Transport for London launches accessible travel campaign

Living with a condition like Parkinson's can make using public transport challenging.

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a new campaign to raise awareness about accessible travel.

Bob shares his story

Using digital posters and radio adverts across the capital, the campaign uses real life experiences of people with a range of disabilities to highlight issues, including Bob Taylor, who is living with Parkinson's.

Bob explains, "Good travel options mean it is possible to say 'yes' to so many more opportunities - I am really thankful for that.

Crowded areas can be a real challenge. If there are too many people I just freeze. It's like running out of petrol.

Navigating busy concourses during the rush hour are particularly daunting, when people are moving in different directions."

Working with TfL to raise awareness

Emma Jones, Senior Marketing Officer at Parkinson's UK, comments

"Though the TfL ads are mainly aimed at people with disabilities, they will hopefully make the wider public recognise the problems that less able people can face when using public transport."

We have also been working with TfL to pilot a new Parkinson's awareness session that fits alongside their training programme for customer-facing staff.

Richard Billington, Skills Development Manager for TfL adds:

"We hope to be able to roll out the awareness training across the whole network, creating awareness for all our staff. This would mean we can support colleagues who may have Parkinson's, as well as improve the experience for our customers."

Visit or Twitter (@TFLAccess) for more information about the accessible travel campaign.