Janet Roberts, who has Parkinson's, loading a wheelchair into her car

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We need your help to protect people with Parkinson's from disability benefits assessments that risk costing them support they’ve had for years.

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PIP isn't working

For thousands of people with Parkinson's, the disability benefits system is a lifeline. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) helped people manage the significant extra costs of the condition and at the highest rates, enabled people to lease a car.

But the Government is replacing DLA with Personal Independence Payment (PIP). PIP is much tougher to apply for, which means that thousands of people that were well supported under DLA are being invited to be reassessed for PIP – and many are losing this vital support as a result.

A person with Parkinson’s explains: 'I have a long-term degenerative condition, it is not going to get better but the DWP have downgraded my support.'

Help us take action

That's why we’ve launched a new petition, asking the Government to recognise that Parkinson's won't get better by protecting people with the condition from stressful and unnecessary PIP assessments if they already received DLA.

Senior Policy and Campaigns Adviser Phil Reynolds explains: "Losing access to financial support due to the broken PIP assessment process is having a devastating impact on people with Parkinson's.

"It's crucial that the UK Government protects people from the risk of losing this lifeline by passporting them over to PIP if they have Parkinson’s and got the highest rates of DLA."

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My benefits were cut - despite my Parkinson's

Watch Janet's story to see how losing PIP support affects people's lives.

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