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PIP to become even harder to claim from 2017


The Government has announced that it plans to make Personal Independence Payment (PIP) even harder to claim for people with Parkinson's and other conditions from 2017.

Tougher assessments

On 11 March, the Government set out its plans to toughen the PIP assessment, by halving the number of points people will receive if they rely on an aid or appliance to dress themselves, or go to the toilet.

In order to claim PIP, people need to score eight points or more. We're extremely concerned that reducing points for these activities from two to only one will mean fewer people, who need help to complete these basic daily activities, will qualify in future.

Devastating for people with Parkinson's

We have been campaigning actively against these changes since the proposals were announced late last year.

Parkinson's UK is calling on the Government not to undertake any further changes to PIP that would reduce accessibility.

Phil Reynolds, Policy and Campaigns Advisor at Parkinson's UK said:

"Parkinson's impacts on every aspect of a person's life and the Government's announcement that it will cut points in this way is absolutely senseless.

If someone need aids and appliances to carry out the most basic tasks that most people take for granted then they clearly need ongoing support to live independently, which is often expensive. They should not be penalised by making PIP even more difficult to claim."

You can read more about these changes in The GuardianThe Mirror and The Sun.

Campaign for a fair benefits system

Despite these harmful changes, Parkinson's UK will continue to campaign for a fair benefits system for people with Parkinson's. You can help by joining our Campaigns Network.

If you have any questions about applying for PIP, please call our helpline on 0808 800 0303, or read our information about PIP.