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New report calls for better mental health support


new report investigating the emotional, cognitive and mental health needs of people with neurological conditions has been released.

The report was published by the Neurological Alliance, of which Parkinson's UK is a member.

The Alliance is seriously concerned that the mental health needs of people with neurological conditions are not prioritised, which is then reflected in the delivery of poor health services.

Research suggests that people with neurological conditions experience the highest levels of anxiety and depression out of all long term conditions.

Despite this, the report highlights that only 19% of people with a neurological condition describe the services available to meet their mental health needs as good or excellent.

Improvements are needed

The report contains a number of recommendations that could improve mental health support for people with neurological conditions including:

  • Piloting new services which integrate neurology and mental health
  • More research into the effective interventions for people with neurological and mental health conditions
  • Ring-fencing funding promised for mental health and long term conditions to support specialist training for professionals in neurology and mental health

Quality mental health support

Holly Heath, Senior Policy and Campaigns Adviser, said:

"Mental health problems are common in Parkinson's, yet we regularly hear from people who face barriers when trying to access timely support and treatment. This is unacceptable.

"Urgent action is needed to ensure that appropriate services are available at the right time and in the right place to provide support for people's mental health needs alongside their physical needs.

"Only then will the government's commitment to equal priority between mental and physical health be realised for people with Parkinson's".

Get involved

You can help improve mental health support for people with Parkinson's who have experienced anxiety or depression by responding to a groundbreaking parliamentary inquiry.