Insight Into Parkinson's summit 2019

Parkinson's UK announces partnership with the Insight Into Parkinson's summit 2019 – the largest global online Parkinson's event.

Now in its second year, the Insight Into Parkinson's summit provides a platform to inform, inspire and unite the Parkinson's community. 

Taking place from Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 April 2019, the talks will be available to watch online from the comfort of your own home.

Leading experts, together with people from across the Parkinson's community, will cover topics such as:

  • neuroplasticity and neuroprotection
  • exercise and health ageing 
  • motivation and mood
  • balance, motor control and freezing of gait

Get your ticket

You can buy your early bird ticket on the Insight Into Parkinson's website until Monday 4 March 2019. After this date full price tickets will be available. 

There are 3 different early bird tickets options:

  • Standard broadcast tickets give 3 days event access only (11-13 April) at AU$79.
  • Premium broadcast tickets give an extra 30 days to watch the presentations at AU$139.
  • Health professional premium tickets give you an extra 30 days to watch the presentations at AU$187. These also give access to additional live streamed panels and a networking lounge. These tickets are only available for registered healthcare professionals. 

Investing in research

This year, proceeds from tickets sales will be shared across the international Parkinson's community.

We'll be using our share to invest in the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech – our drug discovery and development arm.


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Steve Ford introduces Insight Into Parkinson's 2019

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Steve Ford, Chief Executive of Parkinson's UK, introduces the Insight Into Parkinson's summit and explains why it's such a unique and exciting event.

Watch this short video to find out more.