Dr Chris Thomas, Ana Palazon, Vikki Howells AM, David Murray, Sharon Martin

Get It On Time campaign goes to the Welsh Assembly

On Wednesday 25 April 2018 people affected by Parkinson's from across Wales met with Assembly Members (AMs) to talk about the importance of getting medication on time in hospital and to raise awareness of our Get It On Time campaign.

Highlighting the importance of getting medication on time, every time

Dr Chris Thomas, Consultant Geriatrician specialising in Parkinson’s at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, explained why timely Parkinson's medication is crucial to managing symptoms.

Sharon Martin and David Murray, who both live with Parkinson's, shared their personal experiences of getting their medication on time during recent hospital stays.

Sharon explained how getting her medication on time made for a shorter hospital stay and, she feels, a quicker recovery:

"When I was waiting to be admitted to hospital I explained to the ambulance crew that I had Parkinson's and my medication was due soon.

"They were brilliant and made sure I got my pills when I needed them. They also explained to the hospital staff when my next medication was due and in turn, hospital staff let me self-medicate during my stay as I was well enough to do so.

"It made a real difference to keeping my Parkinson's symptoms under control and I'm sure helped me to recover quicker. I know not everyone has the positive experience I did and that needs to change."

Committing to change

Rachel Williams, Campaigns, Policy and Communications Officer Wales said:

"This was a fantastic opportunity to help our Assembly Members not only understand why getting medication on time is so important for people with Parkinson's, but to commit to helping us take forward a range of actions – such as self-administration of medication policies in all health boards.

"Having people in the room affected by Parkinson's who could share their experiences was invaluable.”

Our work in wales

To find out more about our campaigning work in Wales contact Rachel Williams on 0344 225 3715.