Employment and Parkinson's: share your experience in our survey

The government has committed to getting 1 million more disabled people into work by 2027. So we want to know what the barriers are for people with Parkinson's to get and stay in employment.

We've launched a survey to capture the experiences of people with Parkinson's, and to understand how your diagnosis affected your employment.

If you were diagnosed with Parkinson's during your working life, we want to hear about your experiences. If you were looking for work, what difficulties did you face? If you were already employed, what impact did it have?


We plan to use the results of this survey to inform our future work and help us develop our policy position. This could include:

  • calling for companies to improve their knowledge of Parkinson's so their employees can stay in work for longer

  • producing information resources and guidance for employers on reasonable adjustments that can be made to support you better in the workplace

  • engaging with the government to ensure they take Parkinson's into account in any future legislative changes


There are 2 ways to complete the survey:

Or you can contact Michael Griffin for a postal copy on:

The survey closes on Sunday 30 August 2019.

It's important we hear from a range of people with Parkinson's who have experience around employment. So please share the survey with your Parkinson's networks to help us reach as many people as possible.

All responses are confidential and will only be used anonymously by Parkinson's UK in our campaigning work.

Campaigning for change

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