Ambitious plans ahead in 2019

Last year our board of trustees signed off the charity's ambitious plans for 2019 and beyond. Chief Executive Steve Ford shares an update.

Parkinson's UK has always been an ambitious charity. That’s felt by all of us – this shared goal to make a real difference for people affected by Parkinson's. We're all aware of the challenges we face in doing this – a lack of understanding of what living with Parkinson's is really like and the growing numbers of people affected by Parkinson's as just 2 examples.  

This year, we're gearing up to tackle these challenges – launching our biggest ever marketing campaign, a refresh of the values that guide Parkinson's UK and a new membership offer.  

Something I hear often is 'why doesn't Parkinson's get the profile of other conditions?'. Launching on World Parkinson's Day, an attention-grabbing marketing campaign aims to change this – showing the reality of life with Parkinson's through hard-hitting online video and stories in the media. I'm excited about this – it's a chance for us to make some real noise, tackle public understanding, and engage increasing numbers in what we're doing as a charity.

In line with this ambitious way of thinking, we've also refreshed our values. Our values shape all that we do, and how those outside of Parkinson's UK perceive us, which is why we’ve reviewed them with feedback from the Parkinson's community.

our values

People first: We're a strong movement for change, informed, shaped and powered by people affected by Parkinson's. We value and support each other.

Uniting: We’re scientists and supporters, fundraisers and families, carers and clinicians. We're working, side by side, to improve the lives of everyone affected by Parkinson's.

Pioneering: We innovate across everything we do. Creative, courageous and with pioneering spirit, we strive to continually improve.

Driven: We live and breathe our purpose. We set clear goals and strive to deliver the greatest impact for everyone affected by Parkinson's. You’ll be seeing more around these values over the coming months, but I'd be keen to know how you recognise these values in your role, as volunteers?

I know all of you are absolutely committed to everything we do. And, this year we’re inviting even more people to share in this. Keep an eye out soon for an update on our new membership offer - Team Parkinson's. We're encouraging even more people who care about the condition - whatever their connection or wherever they live - to join our community.

Thank you as ever for all you do – we've got an exciting year ahead.

Over to you

For any questions or feedback please do get in touch with us at [email protected]