Talking about Parkinson's and staying connected

Lots of people with Parkinson's tell us it is important to talk to friends and family about their diagnosis.

They also say it is important to stay connected – to make time for family and friends, and meet and learn from others with similar experiences.

A support network for you

Having someone you can talk to about your Parkinson's can help you stay connected and feel supported.

Some people may find it helpful to join a Parkinson's UK local group

Or you can use the Parkinson's UK forum to talk to others affected by the condition.

Others regularly meet up with old friends or are members of a local club.

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Telling friends and family about Parkinson's

In this video, people with Parkinson's talk about telling friends and family about their diagnosis, having the support of others and staying connected with people who understand them.

Paul was diagnosed with Parkinson's when he was 45

"I have a friend who I can ask for help. We sometimes go out to buy things I need. It's a social activity as well.

"I also have buddies from my Parkinson's UK local group who I can ring up and say 'How are you today?'

"We have a whinge - and a laugh."

Paul lives in West Yorkshire and attends clowning and dance classes.

How do you talk about Parkinson's and stay connected?

Do these ideas help, or do you have your own approach?

Share your tips with others on the Parkinson's UK forum.